The Karighars – Expert Craftsmen

I would use below adjectives to describe “The Karighars” –Innovative-Professional-Creative-Passionate-Hard working-Friendly-Flexible-Patient-Reliable-Versatile-TrustworthyOur villa is designed by Vinayak Chadha and our experience with him has been awesome.

Karighar’s – A Complete Experience

We got interiors of our 3 BHK Apartment done by Karighars. Our Experience is as below:- Karighars under the leadership of Vinayak Chadda is an extremely talented and Professional Organization who has delivered a high Quality solution within schedule.

”The KariGhars Was My Aladdin’s Jinn!”- Anuja Siraj from Nitesh Forest Hills

For someone like me who lived in the US and got her house designed in Bangalore, The KariGhars were nothing less than Aladdin’s Jinn! Despite our time zone differences, Abhishek was always available for discussions regarding colours and themes. He advised me always where to put which colour to make it look spacious…or wherever he thought it won’t look good…I still remember when i couldn’t believe if it was a real picture of project done by him or just a snapshot from a magazine! Once I reached India, It came to me as a surprise how nicely he converted my apartment of bricks and walls

Bringing Professionalism In The Furniture Industry – Kiran Kulkarni from HM Tambourine

A friend referred The KariGhars to me and frankly, 10 minutes into the conversation and they had my business.  Abhishek, their MD, could hold a professional conversation about the pros and cons of various qualities of wood, he could guide me through the best possible options, WITHIN MY BUDGET… the best part of working with The KariGhars was their “executional excellence’ and their high service quality. We worked with Ms. Aashita, who took care of the smallest details with utmost seriousness. I was sent email updates on the status of my woodwork every day. When I wanted to, I always had access to their support staff. They worked with my wife’s “last minute changeswithout pushing the price tags up.”

The Best Creative People I Have known – Pradosh Samanta Ray from Prestige Shantiniketan

The two month experience with Abhishek, Vinayak and Aashita had been really jubilant. Right from designing, till the implementation you are always presented with a lot of options and your ideas are valued. These guys are so versatile that you have to tell them what you want and they will you’re your dream into vivid reality!

The Best Interior Designers One Can Get! – Sriram Gutta from Rohan Jharokha

Unlike many other vendors, The KariGhars were extremely professional in both their designs and execution. Vinayak, now a friend, designed our house as if he were doing his own house. It was extremely easy for me to depend on him and be sure that the work would get done. I could just call Vinayak and inform him that I need so and so model of a product. The commitment of the team is impeccable and they stick to their words. With their strong network, I also got extremely good deals on carpets, water purifier, mattresses, and wallpaper, among other things.

Even Though I Was Away From India, The Brothers Didn’t Let Me Feel So – B Yadav from Prestige Shantiniketan

“Before the actual work started, Abhishek shared lots of designs and took our inputs to shortlist the best one as per our taste. I was very pleased to see visual frameworks created in a very professional manner for each design that we had selected. That enabled us to visualise the actual dimensions and the possible looks of the furniture/cabinets. Abhishek provided us valuable inputs and at occasions helped us understand why certain things were not possible. It was very helpful because we were doing everything virtually without realising the practical challenges. However, with the amazing inputs, effective communication and extreme flexibility from “The KariGhars”, we never felt that we could have done a better job while being physically there… When we finally saw the furnishings done, we were simply amazed that they looked exactly the same as what Abhishek and Vinayak had been describing to us. We were very happy that there were no surprises in reality and virtual designs.”

3In’s -Ingenuity , Integrity & Intensity

We started our journey with The KariGhars “by chance” after having dwelled in with many options -of engaging carpenters, class A/B contractors, even interior decorators, but we found something a miss in all our options .

Personalized Professional Services & Great Quality

This is a long pending review for The Karighars. The details would follow after this but the short summary is – If you are looking for a personalized interior designer who brings in the right balance of your personal choices and usual standards, ‘The Karighars’ is the name for you!

Karighars – The Best In The Business

We were looking for a firm would fit our taste and could implement well. We came across Karighar and in the first meeting itself, Vinayak floored us with the work he had done.

He quickly understood our taste in the first meeting and the design options he showed us were right on the mark.

Vinayak is the eptiome of customer obsession.

Karighars – The Best In Town

This is story is a year old.Like many other home buyers, me and my wife were scouring around many Bangalore wood work vendors. Some came recommended, some were omnipresent through their marketing. We spent around 8 months(while our apartment was getting readied) to look at the right person to trust our wood work with. Our builder kept delaying the work which fortunately bought us time to do research for the wood work. Our builder first promised delivery of apartment for wood work by Mar 2013. We started looking out for wood work by Jan 2013.