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5 interesting ways to bring a spark into the kid’s bedroom this Raksha Bandhan

5 interesting ways to bring a spark into the kid’s bedroom this Raksha Bandhan

Time seems to fly with kids in the house. However, one thing that remains for years is the furnishings and decor. This Raksha Bandhan takes the opportunity to let the kids explore and create their own space that transports them to a magical world. The best way to nurture a child’s development is to provide them with the best environment that widens their imaginative powers. Striking a balance between practical decor and stylish updates is often hard to come by regarding a child’s bedroom. Hence, the top interior designers of Bangalore, The KariGhars, offer some tips for achieving a perfect kid’s bedroom that optimally utilises space while presenting a creative outlook with safety as the top consideration. 

Neutral Background 

A child’s bedroom is a journey that begins with a baby, progresses to a toddler, then a young child, and finishes as a teenager. This results in changing functions of the room with time, hence marking the need for timely updates with the decor. It is thereby suggested to keep the background neutral with a light colour for the walls and floor. In such cases, it is best to designate one feature wall that can be changed from time to time as the child grows. With older children, involve them in the decor process and what they might want from the room, in terms of functions. For instance, a study area, a breakout zone or a reading nook. In the bedroom designed by The KariGhars, as seen below, there is one accent wall on the side while the other walls are given a basic touch of a pastel colour. Functions in the room are defined by the placement of the study table, the lounge and the basketball hoop, letting the child explore their interests and activities. 

Adding Character

With neutral walls as the base, it deems perfect to have an accent wall that represents the child’s personality. This is where the child’s involvement comes in, with their choice of hobby, TV character or a world map to be showcased on the feature wall. Furthermore, the style of bedding, lighting and rugs are simple ways to add on the rooms’ decor that suits the changing needs of the child’s interests.  

Furniture is another important aspect that serves several purposes in a child’s bedroom. It is recommended to choose furniture that can be adapted as the child grows with age and serve more uses than just for sleep. Incorporate desk and storage cabinets that help present the kids with ample space for their belongings. One can also make a plain wardrobe interesting by uplifting its design with paint or a funky panel of wallpaper.

Mixing Function with Fashion 

While it is recommended to add the child’s personality with colours and furniture in their bedroom, it is important to tie the design with that of the rest of the house to keep a balanced style. Children collect a whole range of toys and games over the years, hence keep the space functional by providing ample storage cabinets and display some that particularly holds nostalgic value. One can also add spark to the bedroom with personalised artwork or decoration with the child’s name to signify their personal space.

Bring out their personality 

Let the child’s imagination run wild. From varying themes like flying dragons to rainbow unicorns, let the bedroom reflect their child-like personality. Do away with the standard stereotypes of pink and blue room for instance and update to bolder prints and textures to incorporate with a monochromatic colour palette. Create a warm space with soft furnishings and accessories. Bring in visual interest that will stand the test of time and identity as the child grows. 

One can revamp a room with quick furniture upcycling and painting over the door and cabinet handles. Add a patterned rug and bring in a bright spark with playful lighting concepts from string lights to quirky table lamp shades. As seen in the bedroom below, designed by The KariGhars, the room entails a cloud-shaped ceiling over the bed with an accented pink wall and soft furnishings. While the flooring is wooden laminate, there is an element of the child’s personality included with the choice of bedding and ceiling design.

Easy to play and relax 

Consider your child’s interests and needs while seeing how they interact in their surroundings. Perhaps they might not need a large desk and prefer an open floor space. Make it easy to clean up the mess created by offering an open layout in such situations. Include side tables and storage that are easy to reach and conveniently put back in place. With a well-mapped out function of the room, separate zones can be easily awarded. It is best to approach this by drawing up a floor plan and help with the spatial planning of the furniture. 

Some of the fabulous products emerging with the changing design trends are the introduction of funky furniture sets and toy boxes. While storage sets and exciting design serves a practical purpose, include furnishings that ensure a creative use of the room for the child. Lighting is another important factor to keep in mind. From paper lanterns to intricately crafted pendants, incorporate a wide range of styles and shades to choose from. Night-time ceiling light is another interesting way to bring excitement into the child’s bedroom decor. This Raksha Bandhan, upcycle the child’s bedroom and watch them jump in joy with these tips from the best designers of Bangalore, The KariGhars.