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5 Tips For Monsoon Home Maintenance You Need To Know

5 Tips For Monsoon Home Maintenance You Need To Know

The mighty clouds, rolling rumbles, and strikes of lightning point us towards the upcoming wondrous season of monsoon. But, only once you get your indoors monsoon-ready would you get to enjoy the rain outside. Home maintenance is always of utmost importance no thanks to the extra humidity and lack of sun rays.

But don’t worry! The KariGhars, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, are here to give you tips for Monsoon home maintenance.

Fix those pesky cracks and leaks

Making your home leak-proof is one of the obvious monsoon tips for any home. Even before any water-laden clouds set in, check for any leaks or cracks on the walls and floors and fix them up while the sun shines. Go through a rigorous assessment of external walls and fix them with fillers and other adhesives. Check for ceilings and terraces and slap on a few layers of waterproof paints to keep the rain out. Finally, inspect the wallpapered walls, and if you detect signs of bloating or shrinking, remove the wallpaper and fix the wall so that the monsoon will have nothing on you and your home!

Care for Wooden units

Caring for wooden units is a leading home concern during monsoons. All the wooden additions around the house are susceptible to the weathering effect of monsoon. With mixed-material interiors gaining popularity, you will have to see beyond just the doors and windows and account for furniture, flooring, and accent walls that form an integral part of your interiors. Prepare the wood with a generous coat of varnish well before it rains to prevent swelling and warping. Similarly, your furniture will demand a layer of polish or lacquer that gives weather protection and an ultimate sheen to the units. As for floors, you can use wax sealant to keep the moisture out.

Protect your indoors from dampness

With the minimal presence of sunlight in monsoons, an increase in moisture inside the house creates a bad odor and also spoils your walls, floors, and furniture. The foyer, in particular, as a transition space between indoor and outdoor, is more prone to dampness and moisture. To avoid drips in the foyer, replace your fancy carpets or a shaggy rug with water-absorbent PVC mats or microfibre mats. Reposition your indoor plants to avoid moisture. Also, strip the heavy drapes covering your windows and dress up with sheer fabrics, to let optimal light inside and make the home cheer up.

Waterproof your great outdoors

The best part of the monsoon is enjoying the rains on your balconies or patios with a sip of coffee, munching on snacks, and listening to the steady thrum of raindrops.  So, it is important to waterproof your great outdoors. Opt for cane outdoor chairs and tables that are less likely to degrade in rains. Make sure you finish with anti-slip floor materials outdoors or at least put some anti-slippery rugs or carpets on the floors to avoid mishaps. Or just install glass shutters, mesh screens, or sliding doors, and enjoy the monsoon without letting the rains in.

Proper ventilation inside the home

Above all these monsoon tips for home, one of the easiest and essential ways to keep your home moist-free during monsoons is to ensure proper ventilation inside your home. Keep your windows open and let the breezy air pass through. It prevents your interiors from condensation and bad odor. Keep the window mesh clean to let the fresh air in. Do not let any moist clothes or other such items dry inside your home. Preserving your home from moisture through proper ventilation also helps you get rid of infections and diseases that spread during monsoons.

So, go ahead and say goodbye to scorching summer and welcome the fresh and cool homes when the monsoon rings in. Make sure you follow these home maintenance ideas by The KariGhars and ensure a safe, sterile, and serene home during the season of rain!