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5 Tips To Bring Spring Into Your Living Rooms

5 Tips To Bring Spring Into Your Living Rooms

Spring blooms with vibrant energy after a long lazy weather and brings in a calm mist into the home interiors. The best way to embellish in the spring season is by giving your home a warm weather replenishment. One can bring in a fresh look of flowers or change the furniture arrangement to fabricate a lighter atmosphere. Get rid of those rainy blues and introduce colors to your home. The KariGhars, one of Bangalore’s top interior design firms, is here to give tried & tested tips for bringing spring into the living room all year-round.


Welcome spring in the homes with fresh fauna. This will draw in the essence of youthful nature indoors. Bringing mother nature home will infuse the home interiors with lively energy. One can go real or choose faux or combine the real greens with the faux greens. Some plant choices like ZZ plants, ferns, cacti, and monstera are impossible to kill and need no maintenance. Eucalyptus or olive branches will act phenomenally in one’s favorite corners. Add a touch of green to every vignette, space, & corner of every room.


Whether it’s pillows, curtains, or furniture upholstery, pastels add soothing exuberance to the atmosphere. There is always a great way to make a room pop with colors, especially pastels. One can include varied hues with wall accents, cushions or statement decor pieces. As seen in the living space below, designed by The KariGhars, the contrast of grey and earthy neutrals provides a muted color scheme with delicate decor highlights. Blankets, pillows, candle stands, and other small items can easily be placed in the designed space to build the living space tastefully.


There’s no better way of enriching the interior design space than by incorporating flowers. This proves to be especially cheerful when channeling the bright energy of spring. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers such as pink roses, lavender carnations, purple daisy spray, orchids, or lemon leaf provides the right burst of color and joy to any tabletop.  Orchids signify royalty and admiration, instantly bringing in regal vibes to the interiors. One will be truly dazzled when these incredible orchids are incorporated into the living room. Create a warm soothing ambiance in the living room with woody and musky scents. 


Spring allows one to update little accents throughout the home, especially through statement pieces. Add home accents in the form of quirky bookcases or flower vases to mix it up. Redecorate a coffee table, or side table and fill in with subtle pastel-shaded accessories. As seen below, the living and the dining room are incorporated with shades of blue to break away from the earthy color scheme. The use of metal and mirror gives the room an additional tasteful ambiance when soulfully combined with the radiant lighting layout. 


The onset of spring brings in the bloom of flowers & breezy weather. This change in season makes one want to open up their windows and experience the lively day. Let the sunlight in through broad windows by drawing in lighter translucent fabrics, also permitting natural light and ventilation to come indoors. Celebrate the new season with lighter furniture upholstery and soft textured rugs. Make use of cotton or linen for bedspreads and table cloth. Light-toned fabrics let the interiors breathe and appear fresh. This delivers a feeling of comfort to people which enables them to relax.   

Welcome the sun inside, there will be a noticeable lift in one’s mood; essential in these trying times. Make use of airy linens & lighter paints for luxuriously calm interiors. Celebrate spring by introducing subtle touches of florals all year round by the tips given by the best interior designers of Bangalore, The KariGhars.