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5 Ways To Add Glamour to the Bedroom

5 Ways To Add Glamour to the Bedroom

A bedroom in a house is where one spends maximum alone time, finding comfort & tranquility. It’s a room where one reads, sleeps, gets ready for the day, and comes back to find respite. It’s an area of the home that truly reflects one’s personality and allows them to feel completely at one with the surroundings. Such peaceful charm found in a room only demands it to be adorned in elegant wall frames, soothing colors, and an aesthetic atmosphere that easily blends with the textures and patterns of the bedroom. The KariGhars, the best Interior Designers in Bangalore offers some tried and tested tips to bring glamour into the bedrooms.


Black & gold hues add drama to the interiors, presenting a unique sense of style. This color combination compliments each other well and adds rich modern aesthetics to the bedroom. One can use black velvet bed covers and blankets which will add a sense of luxury to the space. Gold frames and metallic wall decor also aids in bringing polished lustre to the room. Make use of ambient warm-white lighting that goes well with the bold black and metallic sheen.


White adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the room. This is the ideal choice for one who wants to be surrounded by peaceful tranquility. White is an ageless tone that provides a tremendously chic appearance to the bedroom. Along with white bedspreads, one can also make use of complete white furnishings and cabinets to experience soothing calm in the bedroom. Couple the white with hints of metallic or earthy neutrals to give a color depth to the space as done in the bedroom seen below by The KariGhars.


Impressive light features instantly add statement opulence to the room. Add luminous lighting next to the bedsides in the form of hanging pendants or lampshades.  Choose a fixture with a shiny finish of gold, glass, or crystals. This aids in offering resplendent gleam to the room. A grand ceiling fixture such as a chandelier also uplifts the interiors.


This glitzy style added to the walls and to the decor will bring brightness to the bedroom. While vintage mirrors provide an antique effect to the room, mirrors placed on the headboard give a contemporary look. Placing mirrors right behind the lamps and pendant light help spread the glowing light further throughout the room. Select mirrors with enchanting details such as gilded finishes. One can even add mirrors on the cupboards or on TV cabinets if there is a dearth of space on the wall. This affluent addition definitely adds magnificent royalty to the designed space.


A simple boxy room looks dull and boring. One can make the space vibrant by including tweaks such as adding an antique touch to the bed headboard or making use of bold dramatic textures in an accent wall. A bedroom reflects one’s identity. Make the interiors tasteful by incorporating a green planter and adding string lights to one corner of the room.  Include comfortable furniture and soft rugs to highlight the sense of relaxing respite in the space. In the bedroom seen below, designed by The KariGhars, the delicate light pendants and a smartly designed accent wall behind the bed offer a pronounced effect of luxury.

Choose from a broad range of textures, colors, fixtures, and lighting to bring in charismatic allure to the bedrooms. It’s one’s personal choice to go ahead with giving the room a rustic or a modern look. Adding minimal accessories furthermore presents an aura of sophistication. The KariGhars, the top interior designers in Bangalore believe that a bedroom is a personal space, so they let the client define the feel of the room and offer an alluring space designed just for them.