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6 Home Decor Ideas to Welcome the Festive Vibes this Month

6 Home Decor Ideas to Welcome the Festive Vibes this Month

India is a land of celebrations. Each tradition & festival is revered with an equal level of zest and enthusiasm. Thus, every festive season demands a luxurious makeover of the house. It uplifts the spirit while setting a jovial mood for the season. All the while, remember to decorate the interiors as per the user preferences and let it completely reflect one’s personal style. With various festivals around the corner, the team at The KariGhars, the best interior designers of Bangalore, have compiled some home decor ideas to welcome the festive month. 

1. Innovative Lighting 

Light is the most important element when it comes to setting a festive mood. In the morning, allow the natural light to sift through and create a ventilated atmosphere. At night, incorporate yellow and warm lights to make that perfect joyous ambience. Be innovative with lighting decor. From traditional to minimal contemporary, one can find a variety of ways to use it. For instance, one can make use of string lights or place coloured paper lanterns in room corners to instantly spruce up the place.

2. Pick Bright Colours

Use a brighter palette for home decor during festive occasions. Popping tones signifies a celebratory mood. Bring out colourful bed duvets and cushion covers. Potter, rugs and decorative sheets will enlighten the whole space instantly. For instance, one can use a shade of saffron or red as wall accents and place numerous photo frames around as a memory wall. Spread those ethnic rugs for the traditional touch and watch the rakhi celebration enliven the living room.

3. Accessorise  

Indulge in accessorising corner spaces. While wooden furniture holds an effortless charm, one can include antique decor pieces as statements. Select minimal elements that speak of celebrations. Flowers, wind chimes, pots and elegant centrepieces can bring vibrancy into the corners of the room. Along with little details, one can also make use of dramatic showpieces or pendants too to further enhance the festive aesthetics.

4. Scents 

Brighten up the place with some refreshing fragrances. Natural candle diffusers and fresh flowers picked from the garden can create a soothing aura around. Let the fresh fragrances weave the magic of festivals. Allow the candles to burn for a bit to build a natural atmosphere. 

5. Go bold with Gold

Think beyond diyas and lights. Traditional home decor is a must, while they are an integral part of the planning but go beyond the basics this time. Bring that shimmer & glimmer with the brass elements. Experiment with these brass elements by polishing them well and placing them in the right spaces. Make use of sunny mustards, shimmery gold and silvers for the celebrations and introduce bling all around.

6. Make it Home 

When decorating a space, give it a personal touch by adding one’s favourite additions. The living room is an essential area of the house, it’s where all the chit chats begin. Place the comfy cushions and sofa covers so that the guests can sit back and relax with casual conversations. Keep the table setting elegant so that it can add zest to the delicacies served on the table. 

Share the moments of joy and happiness this festive month. This is the time when memories are made. Let the joy of Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan and Onam take over. Go ahead and deck up the place with these innovative and alluring home decor ideas by the experts at The KariGhars, the top designers of Bangalore.