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6 Space-Saving Modern Shoe Rack Designs For Your Home

6 Space-Saving Modern Shoe Rack Designs For Your Home

Everyone knows someone obsessed with having great shoes. It might be a family member or a roommate, but they will stand in lines and attend online auctions just to have that perfect pair of sneakers or heels. But the thing about shoes is that they need to be stored properly, with the utmost care so that they do not wither away. At the same time, if shoes are stored haphazardly, it will be annoying to scour through multiple pairs before landing on the perfect one for any given occasion. Rather than keeping shoes stacked haphazardly in the shoe box, shoved in a random corner, here are seven space-saving modern shoe rack designs from The KariGhars, the best interior designer of Bangalore. 

Concealed Storage 

When working with limited space, it is a smart idea to mix the functions of a single room. These Days, folks are opting for a separate laundry room. The laundry room can also serve to be the perfect space to store shoes for all family members. Underneath the seating platform, one can carve out space for shoe storage. Thus, small benches as seen below in the children’s room designed by The KariGhars, with built-in shelving or simply open space can serve as a good option for space-saving shoe racks.

Playful Ladders 

A ladder-style shoe rack proves to be perfect as it is chic & classic and works great for people who have a limited number of shoes out at a given period. It is also deemed to be a good solution for storage in locations with extreme climates where open-toed heels or slippers are stored in the winter, and boots during the summer. The ladder-style shoe rack hence demonstrates as a seamless solution when it comes to shelving shoes that are not currently in rotation. Additionally, this style of rack can also be put out as a decorative mantle on which showpieces can be placed for adornment.

Concealed Staircase Racks 

A staircase is a goldmine when it comes to storage space. With the help of seasoned architects and interior designers such as The KariGhars, the humble staircase can turn into a smartly concealed shoe rack. This shoe rack can be pulled out of the staircase, or it can be an open and shut rack that can easily be accessed by anyone. This works best for big families as it is a functional solution in spaces that have less floor area. As seen below, the shoe rack is neatly designed to be a part of the closet for the bedroom making smart use of lesser floor space. 

Storage Shelves 

Shelves prove to be a smart solution when it comes to creating storage spaces. The shelves can be demarcated by the basis of the family member’s name or the content placed inside it. In case storage shelves are few, floating shelves can be used to stack up footwear. A modular shoe rack can also fit in perfectly with this style, with wall mounted units. This allows all the footwear to be easily accessible to the user in one place while creating minimum clutter in the room interiors. 

A storage cabinet in the walk-in closet can also be turned into a space-saving shoe rack. A tiny shelf or a cubby can be inserted into the closet. These shelves can be used conveniently as a reach-in cabinet, making for an innovative method for the storage of shoes in a home with limited space. 

Under-the-Bed Storage 

If no closet can be spared, the space under the bed can be turned into a makeshift shoe rack with ease! Pull out drawers built under the bed can help one utilize all the space in the house efficiently. This works best for couples for instance in storing their shoes on their side of the bed, utilizing the space smartly.

Wall Mounted Racks 

A wall-mounted shoe rack can also work beautifully in a small home. Simple wooden slats can be used in any corner of the house, where there is an intersection of two walls at a ninety-degree angle. Tension rod shoe racks are also a great alternative to wooden shelves. The tension rods can run along the length of the wall, making for a great display choice of footwear along saving space. 

Whether it’s love for shoes or multiple people are living in a limited space, having a shoe organization system in place needs to be in place to keep things in order. The KariGhars, the top interior designers of Bangalore, state some tasteful ways in which shoe racks can help bring in style along with keeping the interiors clutter-free.