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A Complete Guide To The Numerous Forms Of Kitchen Cabinets

A Complete Guide To The Numerous Forms Of Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of any home, it’s a place where connections and memories are made. So it becomes imperative to style the space in a manner that is both functional and welcoming to appeal to oneself and one’s guests. People often make the mistake of overlooking their cabinetry during renovations, when in fact the kitchen cabinets and drawers can play a pivotal role in enhancing and enriching an overall space’s aesthetic.

Choosing the right door, drawers, and size for your storage is like playing Tetris with your modular kitchen design. Since there are many types of cabinets, the following factors should be considered: design, quality, durability, flexibility, ecological sustainability, adaptability, dimensions, maintenance, and colour palette. This summer, leading interior design firm – The Karighars, shares everything you need to know about the latest kitchen cabinet trends!


The upper hanging cabinets are the most prominent storage spaces in a Kitchen. Forming a contrast of shades and textures with the lower cabinets or pantry doors is a great way to give the space a unique depth. These cabinets are generally deep and aid in maximising vertical wall space. Hide away all the clutter of your kitchen in sleek yet sturdy upper cabinets.

As the bottom kitchen cabinets are directly on the floor, they can support your bulkier items from below for a clean and put-together look. Pre-installed or integrated sinks are sometimes found on countertops. Base cabinets are adaptable, allowing them to accommodate additional drawers or pull-outs. Increase your storage space by a mile, by investing in tall pantry units that can be freestanding or stretch up the ceiling.  The kitchen corner cabinets also make it easier to store objects in corners and increase storage space.

Want to make your kitchen more trendy and stylish? Shaker-style cabinets are the most popular type with a minimal look. These strong cabinets give the kitchen a classic yet traditional aesthetic. Given the structure is built into the door, the beaded inset cabinets are completely customizable. This cabinet door type necessitates exposed hinges for a more earthy and rusty look.


In order to achieve a greater finished appearance, you can paint both sides of the cabinet doors. The choice of colour, naturally, is dependent on the overall scheme of the house and kitchen, as well as your personal preferences. The amount of natural light available in a space can help you determine between light or darker tones. Some of the trending kitchen cabinet colours include white, light brown, sage green, beige, and grey. Keep in mind that lighter colours expand a limited space, whereas darker colours restrict it.


Kitchen cabinets made of acrylic or pu laccord offer versatility and are an exceptional choice because of their water resistance property. acrylic or pu laccord kitchen cabinets are popular due to their resistance to moisture and heat, as well as their longevity. acrylic or pu laccord kitchen cabinets come in a variety of colours and textures, including matte and glossy alternatives. If you want something that is easier to maintain, we suggest glossy acrylic or pu laccord over matte acrylic or pu laccord because the latter has a greater surface area to catch dust.

Acrylic finish kitchen cabinet designs provide for minimum upkeep. The high-gloss acrylic coating will give the kitchen cabinet more visual space. This high-gloss finish is offered in a wide range of colours and maintains its smooth, untarnished appearance over time. It is also scratch-resistant, making it ideal for busy kitchens. The ultimate effect is a cohesive appearance and a one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinet design.

Additionally, if you desire a tailor-made kitchen that represents your personal sense of style, then opt for a custom kitchen for your home. With leading interior design firm, The KariGhars you can pick the look, style, material, and everything that you dreamt of, to your liking. In the end, your choice of cabinets decides the look of your kitchen. There are plenty of material options to go for that don’t compromise on the overall quality and durability. We, at The Karighars, create interiors that exude the utmost luxury and panache, striving to make one’s space more impressive and alluring.