After years of transforming houses into beautiful homes, we have become the best interior designers in Bangalore. Our team of expert craftsmen have a profound vision for art and aesthetics that works superbly when combined with the science of designs to create the best luxury interior designs. Being the top interior designer in Bangalore we create designs that not only make a space look and function better but significantly affect your mood and wellbeing.

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What Professionalism Looks Like in a Time of Crisis

What Professionalism Looks Like in a Time of Crisis

Earthquakes, pandemic diseases, long term stock market crashes–these are just some of the disasters that can sink businesses without proper leadership. But during these kinds of events, leaders must reevaluate precisely what it means to be “professional”.

Rewind the last few months & reflect how our new shared reality unfolded, how mammoth emotions have surfaced at an individual level & entered the shared narrative. Interior designers in Bangalore are now wrestling with anxiety the employees are experiencing & see it as their biggest challenge during the coronavirus crisis. In arduous times, the expectations of a company shift dramatically.

Leaders focus on the best outcome for society as a whole & ensure overall safety, just like the entrepreneur cum Interior Designer in Bangalore, Abhishek Chadha. Heading ‘The KariGhars’, the most sought after Interior Design firm in Bangalore, he is an exemplary icon that serves as an inspiration for all working professionals.

The KariGhars’ is one of the most renowned names in this field of Luxury Interiors Designers in Bangalore. From inception to execution, conceptualization to curation, they also cater to the customized demands of their clients. Team KariGhars creates luxury residences that reflect the owner’s personality, passion, and style.

From luxury villas to modern apartments, they turn dreams into reality. A dozen years & several awards later they are credited as the ‘Best premium interior designers in Bangalore’. Sharing his views on the current scenario, where COVID-19 has impacted every industry possible, Abhishek is quite optimistic regarding the importance of Home Interior Designers in Bangalore even amidst a worldwide economic crisis.

While an estimated 130 million people in India are set to lose their jobs due to coronavirus, Abhishek feels this is the perfect time for interior designers and other firms like ours. “We are on a hiring spree and expect to grow our strength by 200% in the next 2-3 months.

We see a real demand for luxury homes booming in the industry. People want to have well-designed interiors because our homes have become the most important parts of our lives. Staying at home has made people realize all the things that they need & we’re ready with all our might to serve luxury to all our clients.’

Displaying immense professionalism Abhishek delivered on his promise to a client even in a near-impossible scenario. The project situated in Bangalore initiated on 1st February 2020 but hit an abrupt halt as the nation went into complete lockdown.

The project had to be stalled as per strict instructions from the government. The USP of ‘The KariGhars’ as one of the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore is that they maintain strict timelines for every step of the design process so that the client can shift into their home as planned. In 12 years they have maintained an incredible work ethic, never failing to deliver on time. As soon as the government lifted the restrictions & work resumed, Abhishek spent his full resources on this project.

He deployed each individual from his firm to this project & achieved the impossible. No wonder they are the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore! The house was completed on 30th June 2020, in record time & set a unique benchmark in the design industry. Ultimately, Industry leaders like Abhishek see crisis professionalism as the true ideal.

The KariGhars exponential growth is the testament of his exceptional talent, creativity, expertise & intent to make a positive contribution to their clients’ lives.