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Bedroom Ideas You Will Want To Copy Now

Bedroom Ideas You Will Want To Copy Now

A bedroom is your own personal oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate any time of the day. It is the first to welcome you in the morning as you open your eyes and the last space you see at night. Making sure it suits your style and complements your well-being, therefore becomes a crucial task. While some rely on the restful hues and clutter-free rooms,  others feel energised by poppy colours and additional decorations. Get ready to take notes of some of the best bedroom decor ideas, curated by one of the best Interior Design firms in India, The KariGhars.

Beauty of Bold

This monsoon season, go bold or go home! Consider rich greens and soft pinks that give a soothing vibe to your bedrooms. The bright and vibrant colours add an alluring feel to the space. In a contemporary bedroom, rich and bold hues work well to give an air of sophistication and luxury. Fun and bright graphic throw pillows and eye-catching decor pieces become the beauty of the bold themed bedrooms. The juxtaposition of bold colours will create a modern vibe and can help you create a focus through art or other accessories.

Celebrate simplicity

Sometimes, minimalism is the key, a sleek look can make your bedroom shine in style.  If you want an effective and elegant bedroom, let it show off with a simple, uncluttered configuration. Opt for minimalistic bedroom decor ideas, neatly arranged and organised in appropriate places. The neutral shades can work together to create a serene and stylish contemporary space, with a mix of interesting textures. A soft white colour palette with subtle textures and sufficient lighting is often enough to celebrate simplicity!

Melange of Materials

Sticking to wooden pieces throughout the bedroom will undoubtedly give a natural and cohesive look to the space. But, after a while, it may feel too monotonous. Mix up multiple materials to showcase the glamour of your bedroom. Opt for a cushy recliner chair and a glossy granite table. Fuse a set of beautiful textures together to create a visually interesting interior. Blend a melange of material palettes that includes linen, glass or acrylics to get a cosy contemporary look to your bedroom.

Try monochrome

If you’re looking for a simple contemporary design to execute in your bedroom, consider a monochrome look. By picking a singular colour to tread throughout the room, you do not have to think of mixing up appropriate colours. Instead, pick various shades of the same hue in your bedroom to give it a calming effect. A monochrome bedroom, be it pink or peach, can display your taste and define the personality of the space, from the use of wall colours to bedroom decor ideas.

Let the art do the talk

A modern bedroom is perhaps the most private and personal space in the home, where we relax and refresh ourselves. A favourite artwork is a classic starting point for a bedroom interior design. Make this your cue, select two or three, and experiment with the colors used. Pick a color to dress up your room, from a favorite artwork, image, or piece of clothing, to form the cohesive palette of a colourful bedroom.

These are some of the trending and creative contemporary bedroom ideas from the best Interior designers of Bangalore, The KariGhars. Copy them to your home and be on-trend!