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Bold and Futuristic Interiors

Bold and Futuristic Interiors

Modern interiors depict bold statements and it gets perfected by the art of restraint. Colour is known to have a profound effect on creating a happy atmosphere and provide a playful atmosphere to one’s room. Using too many colours can look chaotic while a simple feature or furnishing looks ideal to make a statement. Here are some helpful hints provided by the best Interior Design firm in Bangalore, The KariGhars that can make the home interiors stand out.

Use of 80/20 rule 

One needs to use the 80-20 rule when incorporating colour in home design. Keeping the room neutral for 80% and including a pop of colour for 20% of the room. This way the room makes an assertion enough without creating an extreme diversion.

Light and shade 

When considering bold colours, careful selection is taken to match the shade to the ambience of the room. In a room receiving maximum natural sunlight, the space would be best emphasised with dark tones. However, in a room that already has a dark feel, the dark colours will deepen the ambience further. Filling the room up with vibrant colours will give the room an illusion of light.

In the bedroom above, the inclusion of bright and playful shades instantly uplifts the atmosphere of the room. This helps in setting the tone of the mood. With minimum windows available, incorporating the use of saturated shades provides an uplifted decor and provides a mirage of luminescence.

Accentuated decor features 

It is ideal to display a bold, striking piece of ornament or artefact when the room holds a beige-white colour background. To make a statement in the room, look to attain balance by going for colours and textures that will accentuate the boldness of the room.

In the room seen above, coordinated accessories help retain the neutral colour palette of the room. The unique wall clock along with the delicate hanging pendant lights spread radiance throughout the room. Using pieces of furniture or artefacts that hold a similar shade that carries the theme of the room also gives a sophisticated look. Traditional pieces blended with bold, creative colours will aid in giving a twist to result in a contemporary interior.

Latest colour trends 

Blending cool and warm shades provide a unique texture to the room. Incorporating bright shades, in contrast, gives a modern touch to the designed space. 

The colour of the year 2021 is illuminating and ultimate grey. Using shades of the colour of the year in the interior designs will instantly bring the space up-to-date and in the trend of the season.

As seen, using the colour shade of yellow and grey in the white background brings up the room’s energy. It displays modern aesthetics with the modern trend, giving the room an artistic sense of design.

Experiment and explore 

The home interiors should be suited to one’s personal style. Spot a bright statement piece among subdued furniture and one can create a sense of style. Experiment with colours and decor items that may fit in the room. Repaint walls or replace dark fabrics to allow more natural light in. The room below, for instance, showcases a highlighted wall panel on a marble-clad wall taking all eyes into focus. This depicts luxury right upon entrance and highlights the warm comfort the room exudes.

Bold interiors provide one a way to express their personality through the home appearance. It gives one an opportunity to bring new trends inside and stay updated with the ongoing style. Coupling bold statements well with muted backgrounds give the room a subtle elegance. These helpful pointers provided by the top Interior Design firm of Bangalore will surely provide sleek modern interiors for their homes.