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Bring Home Prosperity This Navratri With These Home Decor Tips

Bring Home Prosperity This Navratri With These Home Decor Tips

Navratri and Dussehra are beautiful festivals that celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Celebrated in different forms all over the nation, this charming occasion is all about sticking up for yourself, staying true to your morals, and helping others. The omnipotent Maa Durga is celebrated in all her forms, calling for a celebration filled with colours and auspicious motifs spread all around the house. It goes without saying that during such a holy occasion, the basis of all decoration should be rooted in sprinkling clean surroundings. Keep on reading for handy tips and tricks by The KariGhars, the best interior designer of Bangalore to adorn your humble abode this festive season.  

Sweet Florals

Marigold flowers are the ultimate symbol of piousness. They are a staple used during every holy occasion – whether it be celebrating a marriage or Diwali! The simple marigold flower signifies the start of autumn and other auspicious beginnings. The soft saffron colour symbolises goodness and purity of the heart, while also placing importance on our trust in the divine. Decking your doors and windows with such a sublime flower will only indicate good tidings your way. A greater concentration of marigold flowers may be used in the temples, dedicating it to goddess Durga and Raavana. Additionally, the sweet fragrance of these flowers hails the sweet celebration of festivals during autumn.

Festive Lighting

Traditionally, diyas have been used extensively in home decoration during the festival seasons. In temples and shrines, diyas are always placed on the entrance, welcoming the devotees, suffusing the space with a certain warmth of acceptance. A modern rendition to the traditional clay diya is exclusive diyas available in the market that is hand-painted with the utmost care. These diyas can be placed at the entrance of the home or in the temple to give it a rustic touch.

If you are unable to get your hands on good diyas, then opting for tea lights, mason jar lights or scented candles are a close second option. Tea lights can be used in the kitchen and the living room to provide soft ambient lighting, building upon the atmosphere of the room. Such lighting options not only double as a sign of devotion but also make a great decoration statement.

Bring Home Colours

The nine forms of Maa Durga seen during Navratri have a distinct and unique set of colours. Orange is used to celebrate Devi Shailputri Mata for the second day and the ninth day has a sublime peacock colour to honour Siddhidatri Mata. In order to pay tribute to the various colours of Durga Maa during these nine days, one of the best ways to do so is by a stunning rangoli. This is a practice in creative design as well as the display of kaleidoscopic emotions. Plus, every rangoli is unique to the maker, reflecting their unique personality and beliefs! 

The rangoli might be humble but it is a sign of good tidings and an auspicious future. A rangoli does not need expensive or elaborate tools, it can be executed with a simple elegance using flowers, diyas, and various colours. The bottom line when choosing amongst all the colours is that they need to have some significance related to Ravana or Durga Maa. If colours are chosen without any care or consideration, then they will be rendered meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your home for Navratri and Dussehra. The top interior designers of Bangalore, The Karighars believe that it is pertinent to keep in mind the small personal and family victories to perfectly embody the spirit of the festival and have tasteful celebrations!