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Celebrating the Color of the Year 2021 with Illuminating and Ultimate Grey

Celebrating the Color of the Year 2021 with Illuminating and Ultimate Grey

The annual colour of the year chosen by Pantone does more than simply define the hue or shade for the whole next 12 months. From fashion to everyday objects, the colour of the year influences various industries and inspires designers to incorporate them in fascinating ways. One can see a surge in its use from social media to home interiors. The design world, earlier this year was introduced to it when Pantone announced Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow as the colour of the year 2021. 

The unique union of the enduring Ultimate grey with the vibrant Illuminating showcases a positive message after a tumultuous 2020. Let’s take a look at how the Best interior designer of Bangalore, The KariGhars make great use of the colour for a picture-perfect home.


While painting a whole wall in one colour can be intimidating, a single painting or decor item of the shade can make a riveting effect on the room. For instance, as used by The Karighars in this entrance lobby, the wall decor leaves one with a splash of colour amidst the gold and blends with the shade of gold used. At the entry of the home itself, the spark of yellow lets one indulge in the attention given to the room while still keeping copper and metallics at the highlight. 


The incorporation of grey to the kitchen aids in toning down the sheen of metallics and offers the space a sophisticated class. The addition of grey brings out an elegant neutral balance to the room as a whole. Pairing it with textured materials and surfaces like matte and glossy creates an interplay in the character of the designed area. The use of Ultimate grey creates a dynamic space and presents traditional aspects in the various spaces used. 


Liberal spatter of yellow to a room instantly perks up the interiors. It creates an ambient aesthetic visually and brings in more light to the room. Lighting is key to make the room appear brighter and appealing. As seen in the room above, designed by The KariGhars, the shades of yellow combined with the bright blue aids in presenting the children’s room in eclectic energy. The pops of yellow help keep the interiors bright and in trend with the current season. 


Any colour that has rich tones as the ones here, using them for the whole room would overwhelm the designed space. Grey offers a serene calming palette and when used as an accent, defines sophistication. While yellow, when used in pops aids in keeping the room colour balanced and brings vibrancy to the atmosphere. As seen above, the use of yellow when limited to pillows and cushions allows a dynamic pop to the room. The designers at KariGhars have ensured to use the two colours in the room in textures and layers so as to maintain a visual balance to the entire room layout. 

A living space needs to be layered, clean and finished in order to bring about a visual aesthetic and zesty radiance to the environment as seen done by the Best interior designer of Bangalore, The KariGhars. Accessorising greenery and planters with Ultimate Grey & Illuminating would be a great way to incorporate soft naturality without being immensely overpowering in the shade use. Using illuminating as a feature wall or as decor accessories will instantly uplift the face of any room while incorporating Ultimate grey will bring about a sophisticated balance. Including contrasting colours to the interiors proves flawless in creating conversation and adding dimension to the designed space.