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Decor tips for your balcony to soak in the sun and greenery

Decor tips for your balcony to soak in the sun and greenery

Just want to lay back and cozy up reading a nice book? A balcony is the best place to do so. If you have the luxury of owning your own balcony, then congratulations; we are here to tell you that you can do hundreds of things to transform your balcony into the sun-kissed comfort spot that it can become. Here are some tips to make a boring old balcony into a trendy and enchanting space you keep wanting to come back to:

  1. Get the seating right: Every balcony needs a cozy seating area where you can sit, relax and soak in everything around you. If you have laid out artificial glass on the balcony floor, then a white cloud couch or white chairs are the way to go. The contrast between the two will certainly provide you with a sophisticated aesthetic. On the other hand, if you have a bare floor, then elegant beige couches alongside a coffee table with cushions are sure to make the balcony very comfortable. To create a laid-back effect, adding a small hammock or swing is the perfect way to elevate the look and feel of your balcony.

  1. Add some greenery: Adding green elements to your balcony can instantly give it a fresh and biophilic look guaranteed to make the space feel vibrant and full of energy. Potted plants are a great way to incorporate some greenery into your balcony and create a soothing aesthetic, especially when in contrast with wood-panelled floors. Apart from this, decorating your balcony with seasonal flowers is sure to give it the pop of colour it needs. When integrating real trees and flowers in your balcony, it is imperative that you take care of them to retain their look. If one doesn’t have a green thumb, artificial plants can definitely be a good alternative.

  1. Lighting is key: Good lighting can be an instant upgrade for your balcony. The charm of good lighting can hardly be put into words, but it is a guaranteed show stopper. In a modern-day balcony, fairy lights are your best bet. They provide subtle lighting that highly accentuates the colours later in the day. If you have a romantic side to you, then floor lighting combined with some well-placed candles or mason jar candles will help create a more intimate aesthetic. In an expansive balcony, wall-mounted lights placed near corners are highly effective in illuminating the space completely.

  1. Incorporate weather-resistant flooring: Weather-resistant flooring ensures that the flooring chosen provides unquestionable durability in the long run. Composite wood decking, ceramic tiling, artificial grass, etc., are good examples of the same.

At The KariGhars, we believe that each aspect of a home is remarkable. A balcony, for example, is a place where people bond, relax and take a well-deserved break after a long day. Hence we always emphasize having a great balcony and try to help you achieve that.