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Get Your Garden Winter Ready For Soaking In The Winter Sun

Get Your Garden Winter Ready for Soaking In The Winter Sun

Winter is that time of the year when you’d prefer to stay in bed all day. If the shorter days and chilly weather weren’t enough for you to realise it, the winter sun will help with the inference. The jackets and socks will surely help in keeping you comfortable through a coming couple of months, but what about your botanical buddies? Be it a home garden designed with affection or a backyard nursery with your floral preferences, they all require a dedicated space of comfort and care. An initiative only begins with an idea, and The KariGhars, one of the top interior designers of Bangalore, helps you understand the idea, and take the next step yourself. Here are a few suggestions and insights on what you can do for your garden.

The Winter-Proof Plants

Winter in India comparatively is of a short period, so to make the most of it only means to plant and nourish the cool climate plants for instance carrots, spinach, green peas, and broccoli. Apart from green vegetation, get some vibrancy in your garden with flowers that play along with the chilly openness like Aster, Marigold, or Snapdragons. In Villa 32, pergolas have been used to hone in on the idea of spending some time with nature. Sitting in the lap of nature has always been beautiful, and in order to get the most out of the sublime winter sun, spending time in a backyard pergola to celebrate birthdays or fit in an early morning yoga session is a great option! 

Colours and Lighting

While winter makes everyone spend more time indoors, experimenting with bright pops in the garden with a variety of colours such as bright yellows, whites, and certain pinks can bring in zestful energy. You can add in accessorised pots or make use of painted pathways for the extra oomph. The pathway leading to the pergola in Villa 32 has been interestingly designed in the shape of a foot. The illuminated lights designed along with the pathway further prove to be a smart choice as one does not need extra lighting systems. Another way to add more charm to the outdoors is by making use of string lights strewn along on trees & planters and conclude with casual seating on your desired patio setting.

Right way to Irrigate

The garden tends to turn grey after the harsh Indian monsoon, and then get struck by the winter season. Tragically, the presence of such unpredictable rains may affect the plant life. Technically, the method doesn’t make much difference but the quantity surely will. Different types of plants and their subcategories require a different amount of nourishment in the form of sunlight and water, and that calls in for some self-study of your plant family as well. 

A quote stated by the prolific American writer, Zora Neale Hurston states that “Trees and plants always look like the people they live with somehow,” just simply puts how reflective a garden can be to oneself. One of the best interior design firms of Bangalore, The KariGhars, not only ideate but also help in executing your dream winter garden, together.