After years of transforming houses into beautiful homes, we have become the best interior designers in Bangalore. Our team of expert craftsmen have a profound vision for art and aesthetics that works superbly when combined with the science of designs to create the best luxury interior designs. Being the top interior designer in Bangalore we create designs that not only make a space look and function better but significantly affect your mood and wellbeing.

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Top Qualities of Good Interior Designer

When you start searching for top interior designers in Bangalore, you will get a lot of companies listed over the web. But how do you select the most appropriate amongst them? At The KariGhars, our years of experience tell us that a good interior decorator can save you money as well as time. Now, we are going to discuss the qualities that you should look for in a professional designer, with the assurance that as one of the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, we possess all these features.


Professionalism is in fact the common quality of any service provider. Our seasoned experts always maintain the timeliness of appointments and also follow up with the clients regularly to ensure that everything is going on smoothly. Moreover, we are always ready with our sample work, including various styles, designs and color palates. For every project, we stick to the timelines without compromising the least on quality.


Our years of industry experience have made us more and more enthusiastic, with every project we take up. Whether it is a contemporary design or a classic one, we always maintain the quality of work with due interest in your preferences and tastes. To make your dream space as wonderful as possible, our experts ask questions thoroughly so that they can get an in-depth idea of your vision. Only when we are completely in your shoes, do we start off with the project.

References and Testimonials

When you browse through the list of interior designers in Bangalore, one of the main things that you should look out for is testimonials and references. Check out our testimonials page and you will find a host of happy clients talking about their satisfying experience with us. Ask anyone who have availed our service, and you will hear people talking about our contribution in making their homes beautiful.

The KariGhars has everything that is required to create dream designs for dream homes. So, next time you frown at your living space or your kitchen getup, do remember to call us.