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Here Are Five Ways to Incorporate Greenery Into Your Decor

Here are five ways to incorporate greenery into your decor

Adding greenery to one’s space is a growing trend, whether in the literal sense of adding biophilic elements or simply using the colour green in your environment. It never goes out of style, adds life to the room, and is a healthy addition, making it a win-win situation for both mind and home. Greeneries add an aesthetic value to the room while reducing stress. As the Chinese proverb goes, “He who plants a garden plants happiness,” so why not give plants a chance to brighten one’s home and soul?

  1. Hanging plants

It is best to hang plants from the ceilings instead of placing them on the floor because they will take up less room than plants on the floor. Plants like succulents, which are small and ideal for hanging from the ceiling, can be hung with key hooks. Plants that can be hung are a great way to maximise the space’s volume without taking up much floor space.

  1. DIY arrangements

Hand-tied bouquets made from homegrown plants and placed in vases are a subtle, yet thoughtful way of adding greenery to one’s bedrooms. Changing out fresh flowers is often appealing and gives off a cheerful vibe every time one looks at it. Adding flowers to a space also revitalises its aura, giving it a more comfortable aesthetic.

  1. Green shelves

Dedicating one entire shelf to plants and displaying a variety of plants of varying sizes in a corner of the room can make the space visually appealing. The different textures and colours of the plants add a sense of vibrancy to your bedroom when you decorate them with plants of your choice, whether they are standing or hanging.

  1. Green wall

As pillars of the room, green walls are a daring choice. Planting vining plants with trellis will give your room a natural vibe and make a statement as well as paint the wall green.

  1. Kokedama

The Kokedama art form is well-known for its gardening techniques where an ornamental plant’s roots are surrounded by a ball of soil covered in soft moss. You can arrange these plants near your bed by hanging them from the ceiling, on trays, or shelves.

Plants have a way of transforming spaces and making them airy and natural. Growing indoor plants have various pros which mainly include the purification of air. Thus, we should actively accessorise our homes with plants, seeing as they bring us closer to nature and provide numerous distinctive options for brightening our homes at a low cost.