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Safe and sound New year eve party 2021

Safe and sound New year eve party 2021

As the year draws to an end, people tend to bid goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 in the festive spirit. With 2020 being a challenging year, it has become even more significant to ring in new years eve in a perfect celebratory way. Although the new year party this year will be much different than the previous years where there will not be elaborated guest lists, the idea of celebrating the new year hurrah with close family, friends and loved ones is quite fascinating.


This year, we have witnessed massive transformations in home decor where our homes have become workplace, classroom, and chill spots. With shifted celebration venues at homes, it has become important to set up the homes as safe party zones with necessary precautions.  One can celebrate the coming year responsibly by inviting close and trusted associations after appropriate tests. The idea is to have a responsible new year rendezvous while maintaining the pandemic norms of physical distancing and sanitization.


A living room, dining room, a balcony or garden generally become the hotspots for party gatherings. Therefore, the best interior designers in Bangalore, The KariGhars share some decor ideas to have a perfect and safe New Year party at home sweet home.


Lobby decor 

The lobby is an ideal space to set the mood for the party.  To create a welcoming space at the lobby, one can add a flower vase, scented candles or new year decorations like festive wall decor or accent light. Since the lobby area is core for entry and exit, it becomes highly predominant for this space to ensure safety. Setting up sanitising stations and some face masks rack can definitely ensure the welfare of the guests and the host. 



Living and dining room festivities 

As the living room becomes the diverging point for guests, the seating area should be arranged such that there is a minimum of 6 ft gap between everybody. The notion is to confer on an open seating plan concept for an airy and well-ventilated room. Placing candles on window panes or adding warm lighting can also help bring in the festive charm. Adding fairy lights, concealed lights or pendants, offer the room an understated luminescence. 

One can use gold or silver decor elements on the walls in the form of five-point stars, glitter disco balls or statement pieces. Pastel coloured furniture upholstery, tablecloths and napkins can be incorporated to balance out the highlighted bling. For the dining setting, it is advisable to serve food on long tables with the chairs spaced away from each other. This assures comfortable seating while keeping safety as the priority. Graceful flower decor with covered candle lights can adorn the dining table. Further decorations can include balloons placed around in the room at various areas along with party streamers and banners.

Garden and balcony party spot 

A garden, if available, can be an apt spot for gatherings. It lets one experiment with party decoration and the unlimited ventilation and space advantage grants the bonus of health security. Snack counters can be installed at various junctions throughout to avoid crowding. Hand sanitizing stations placed at several corners can also ensure safety. A long bar table with drinks, food and disposable cutlery on the countertop can help with the party arrangement. 


One can also set up a bar in the balcony to minimize the clutter in the living room. Bar stools placed at appropriate distances and hand sanitiser on the countertop enables easy access for the guests. Using planters and colourful pots can add a pop of colour to the occasion.

Festive lights in the form of hanging lanterns, covered candles, or electric lights can amp up the decor in the open areas.  

Highlighted focus on clean and open public spaces ensures safety for friends and family and minimal chic decor makes the space aesthetically pleasing. This is a time to spend with your family and employing such handy methods can make for a beguiling celebration to end the year in high spirits.