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How to Design Home Office Interiors to Suit Your Personality

To be efficient when working from home, you need a space that’s dedicated to your work. According to the best interior designers in Bangalore, the ideal home office interior should be functional, clutter-free, comfortable, and bright. That’s not all, it should reflect your personality and inspire your thoughts and work.

Most Popular Modern Home Office Ideas

Most Popular Modern Home Office Ideas

Before you start browsing through the list of interior designers in Bangalore, consider what you want to do in the space. Will you be working on a computer or do you need a large table to make drawings? Every home office interior design has certain must-haves. Knowing how the activities you need to do in space will help you identify your must-haves.

A desk and an office chair are the most basic of all requirements. For the best home office interiors, invest in good quality furniture that is ergonomic and durable. You want this furniture to last at least a few years.

If you will be meeting people, you will probably need a few more chairs for the other side of the table as well. You may even want to have an entirely separate meeting space. Working with interior designers in Bangalore can help you come up with unique ways to divide the available space. Other furniture you may need includes:

  • Filing cabinet
  • Armchairs
  • Computer table
  • Bookcase

Your home office must be well lit. Ideally, you need at least one window through which natural light can enter the room. The top interior designers in Bangalore suggest setting your desk up in such a way that the light from this window falls on the table. But, natural light is not enough; you need lighting for the evening as well. The different types of lighting you may also need for your home office include:

  • Wall sconces
  • Desk lamp
  • Uplighter
  • Accent table lamp

When you design your home office interiors, it is important to make the space one that you’re happy spending time in. A few décor items with personal symbolism or wall art will highlight your personality. What’s important is to incorporate these personal effects sparingly so that they do not detract from the work atmosphere.

Home Office Interior Design Tips That Work

Home Office Interior Design Tips That Work

A home office needs to have a personal yet professional vibe. It must be conducive to productivity and free from distractions yet comfortable enough to make you want to spend the day there. Here are a few tips from the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore.

Create a comprehensive color scheme

Once you’ve got the basics in place, start thinking about a color scheme for your home office. You need a base color for your walls, a secondary color for your soft furnishings, and highlights. A neutral off white, beige, or grey base is ideal for a home office. A black and white base with red or gold highlights is a timeless look. You could also work with pastels.

Give it a personal touch

The difference between a conventional office space that you will share with colleagues and your home office is that this space is completely your own. If you are considering hiring an interior designer to design your home office, look at best interior designers in Bangalore reviews to see how they have managed to make the décor reflect this. Using personal souvenirs as décor articles is a great way to personalize the home office. Some of the other ways famous interior designers in Bangalore personalize a space are:

  • Mount framed family photographs as art
  • Add a plant
  • Use quirky throw pillows

Invest in Comfort

You will be spending quite a lot of time in your home office. This is why the best home interiors designers in Bangalore will advise you to make this a space you feel comfortable in. When you’re buying furniture, work with home interior designers in Bangalore to find one that matches your décor style and supports your back and arms. If you have sofas or armchairs in your meeting space, you may want to add a few throw pillows.

Keep the space organized

Your office space should be uncluttered and organized. You can’t be productive if you spend half your morning looking for a file. Hence, you will need plenty of storage space. One of the most popular home decorating & design ideas to maximize your floor space is to organize storage horizontally and vertically. Some of the things you co do are:

  • Use a tray table or basket to stack mail and important papers
  • Wall-mounted bookshelves can be used to organize and display reference books. Smaller items may be grouped in a basket or tray on these shelves.
  • Shallow drawers in the table to hold stationary and important papers

Make technology invisible

Technology makes your work easier but having long cables draped over your furniture and floor is unsightly. As far as possible, these cables should be kept out of sight. You could:

  • Placing your table close to power outlets
  • Running cables along the edge of the floor molding in straight lines
  • Encasing all wires in plastic casing or cord covers

Lastly, since your home office is part of your home, make sure the décor of this room complements the rest of your home décor too. If you’re not comfortable about designing the space yourself, there are a number of good interior designers in Bangalore who can help you out.


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