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How to navigate festive cleaning to keep your home vibrant and sparkling?

How to navigate festive cleaning to keep your home vibrant and sparkling?

Bright lights, lit up streets, and the sounds of crackers bursting – the festive season leaves nothing to be desired. India does the festivities like no other country. These are the select few days where the focus lies on celebrating with family & friends and having a good time with those you love. So it is bound to happen that a few relatives or friends may come to visit your home, and it is crucial during that your home is spic and span. Moreover, this is the time where Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha bless your home with good health and wealth. According to old adages, it is seen that Gods only bless those with clean homes, and in order to invite prosperity into your home, it needs to be sparkling clean. In order to achieve this status, The KariGhars, the best interior designer in Bangalore, offers some handy tips and tricks to help you out.

Cleaned up Kitchens

Starting with the heart of the home – the kitchen will need some extra elbow grease in order to be cleaned. The kitchen is where everyone congregates, and this is the place where you will be cooking up delicious recipes for the festive season. Start off by disposing of ingredients that have expired. Then give away ingredients that you do not use. Clean shelves with a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Wipe away the residue with a clean cloth.

Using a glass cleaner, spray drawers and thoroughly wash the liners of the drawers or replace them with new ones. Label spices and ingredients so that the kitchen becomes more organised and easier to navigate. It is best advised to store novelty cooking utensils and things seldom reached for in the back of the cupboards. Incorporate hooks, racks, and organizers to set up mugs, cutlery, and other utensils. Finally, clean the refrigerator with the help of a solution of diluted vinegar.

Sparkly Living Rooms

The living room is the most public and commonly used part of the house. If not cleaned every day, it has a tendency to accumulate dust over time, making for an arduous task when cleaning it once a year for the festive season. Start out by tossing out old items no longer in use or find a dedicated storage space for them. Books and toys need to be placed into their dedicated space and throw away old newspapers.

Then move on to the tapestries of the room – unhook the curtains and throw them in the wash, vacuum the tops of the sofa, and clean the windows. Using the same solution of warm water and gentle dish soap, scrub away the grime on the coffee tables, TV, and shelves. Thoroughly dust the ceiling fans and clean the filters of the AC. Decor items can be gently vacuumed, rubbed down, or washed, depending on their material.

Respite in Bedrooms

Moving on to the bedroom, it is absolutely essential that this area be the cleanest of them all since this is your personal haven. The task of cleaning your bedroom might seem insurmountable, but it can easily be tackled by breaking it down into smaller steps. Along with the curtains from the living room, throw in your bedding, linens, and curtains into the wash. Disinfect every surface, with a sanitizer or a diluted vinegar solution. Clean all glass surfaces with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Organize your wardrobe with the help of cabinets, shelves, and boxes. Place camphor or naphthalene balls in the wardrobe so that the pesky insects stay away. Most importantly, do not forget to air out the mattresses, and wash the pillows.

Once you are done cleaning your house from top to bottom, put on some nice music and enjoy the festive decorating process! Treat this as a family bonding opportunity, bringing happiness and health to one and all. The Karighars, the top interior designers of Bangalore, wish each one warm festive greetings of the season!