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Harvest Festivals And January Home Decor

Harvest Festivals And January Home Decor

The month of January is welcomed with auspicious festivals of Lohri, Pongal and Makar Sankranti, celebrated all over India by with zest & fervour. These festivals are associated with harvesting and the start of a new year and is thus a time when families get together with great enthusiasm and warmth. 

Let’s see a few ideas by the best interior designers in Bangalore, The KariGhars that will liven up the festivities at home. 

Bring vibrancy with colours 

Incorporating creatively designed rangolis to one’s home entrances accentuates the festive vibes at the forefront. Making animal figurines or flower rangolis near the deity will aid in an authentic Pongal look, for instance, Kolam rangolis brings in its true Pongal spirit with its ceremonial traditional design. As Lohri is celebrated majorly in the north of India, making use of phulkari dupattas as a backdrop for windows and entrance doors will bring colour to the walls. Additionally, small elements like bells or ghungroos artistically present cheer to space.

Lights and charm of the leaves in balconies 

One can make use of the balcony at home by incorporating decorative lights. Diyas or fire balloons in the shades of red, orange or yellow add a festive backdrop during the time of Lohri. Integrating vintage lanterns and candle stands provide a traditional touch to go with string lights on the balcony railings. 

While Lohri is all about the colours of reds and yellows, Pongal and Sankranti centres around the colour green celebrating prosperity. One can add touches of green planters to the balcony parapet wall or hang weaved mango leaves by the door and railing for an auspicious joyous touch. 

Providing wall decorations of kites and reels gives the space a lively outlook.

Garden Bonfire 

Lohri is associated with the “Lohandi” Fire and winters. Lighting a cosy bonfire for friends and family to warm up to on a cold winter night helps present a traditional Punjabi vibe to the outdoors. Gardens can further be decorated with cardboard cutouts of fields as a photo booth backdrop or adding haystacks and charpais. Haystacks come in handy to balance the loud colours and decor inside while providing for a funky cheerful decor outside.

Adorning the garden with paper lanterns and kites in different colours and sizes presents a fun dynamic to the area. Clear space in the garden can also be utilised for flying kites to mark the festival of Sankranti.

Indoor apartment glow up 

Decorating a corner of the living room with sugarcanes and clay pots that signify the traditional rice pudding fabricate a delightful cultural vibe. Sankranti and Pongal are usually about nature and the colour green to denote the mark of a new year, thus banana leaves, mango leaves and sugarcanes can be added to hang from walls or at windows or doorways. For a modern touch, string lights, paper lanterns, mason jar candles hung from ceilings and reused old lanterns lit at balconies or entrance doors extends the festive touch. 

Colourful kites of contrasting shapes and sizes aid in giving a pop to the decor and signify the occasion of Sankranti. Including charpais and colourful small pouffes with props kept around like dhols, parandis, paper windmills and ribbons will make the interior Lohri decor come together.

Craft Corners and Dining Table 

A kite craft or a paper decor corner set up in a common area will make children and people alike come together to try making wall art and origami murals for a cheery spark. 

The dining table adorned with banana leaves and silver trays for serving food brings in the traditional Pongal element. Candleholders and flower stand as centrepieces can make the table look exquisite and jovial. 

Popcorn, groundnuts and revaris are synonymous with Lohri. Corner tables set up with bowls of such treats with small diyas will enthral the guests and make the space look ready for the occasion. Bright coloured table cloths and upholstery accentuates the festive look at the dining area. Miniature paper lanterns and diyas as centrepieces on the dining table will add zest to the room.

These decor tips by the famous interior designers in Bangalore will help in initiating a pleasant celebratory atmosphere to the interiors. Traditional elements included as festive decor in one’s home introduces a sense of vestige to the ceremony binding the nostalgia of the festival. Surrounding yourself with Punjabi music on Lohri or popular Pongal tunes will let the guests sway with energy and have a joyful time along with stimulating interiors.