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Latest Bedroom Colour Trends in 2022

Latest Bedroom Colour Trends in 2022

The colour of any interior is what defines its personality. The colours we surround ourselves with can directly relate to how we feel. The hardest part of any interior renovation is finding the right shades that complement the space. After all these years in the business, we at The KariGhars have become experts in the use of colours. We have never been as excited as we are in 2022 about the simple fact that so many people are taking their interior design seriously nowadays.

With everyone working from home, one really has the time to think and introspect which color would fit their residence the best. Many interior designers believe that 2022 is the year for bold colour schemes and using colours that suit modern trends. There have been many creative solutions for colour schemes, and acquainting yourself with these is sure to help increase your understanding of what houses will look like in 2022:

  1. Neutrals are in: Neutral colours are often thought to be boring and dull, but if that were true, they wouldn’t have stood the test of time and still be a popular choice for lavish interiors. Colours such as white, black, and grey provide a specific clean aesthetic to the space and help highlight and showcase the different textures better. Neutral colours are also advantageous in the sense that they allow your décor to really shine through. They also have a unique quality that makes you perceive a space to be more expansive and vibrant than it actually is, which is perfect if you have a modest home.

  1. Earthy tones: Earthy tones have gained quite the traction this year. These shades are soothing and give a feeling of zen due to their ability to make any space feel more homely. These tones are deeply rooted in nature and draw inspiration from the great outdoors to produce colours such as Terracotta, Olive green, Sage, Marigold, etc. Being versatile, these colours work in many ways to pique anyone’s interest, who lays eyes on them and maintains visual appeal. Wrapping up your room in reserved earthy tones can help create a nice dichotomy between the indoors and the outdoors.

  1. Blues: Blue is an intense colour to style, and the best way to incorporate it in your interiors as the primary colour is in the form of contrasting shades. By using a darker shade alongside a lighter one, the dimensions of the room come to life and look exciting in comparison to a single shade of blue. Royal blue, as of now, is trending as a preferred choice for 2022. Great for creating calm and soothing aesthetics, this colour has been featured in several magazines as one of the favourite colours for interior designers.

Colours are not just used to decorate; they are used to make a statement. At The Karighars, we want all of our clients to have a stunning home that is perfect for them, and with these new colour schemes, they are sure to be ready for 2022.