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Mandir Design For Contemporary Homes

Mandir Design For Contemporary Homes

Religion has a prominent influence on most of our lives. Honoring the one we refer to as divine power is a personal choice; some choose to keep it highly private, while others love to adorn their space of worship so as to make it the focal facet of their house. The place of worship is one of the most challenging spaces in a home to design. The homeowners are the main contributors to the decision-making process for curating the look and feel of a home-temple design as it invokes their individualism. Every homeowner contributes a bit to the mandir design, ranging from a simple shelf to a fully developed temple space.

Here are a few temple designs outlined by Abhishek Chadha, the Co-Founder & CEO at The Karighars, that celebrate tranquility and zen while upholding the home with a spirit of remaining grounded and modest.

  1. Jaali Home Temple Design For Modern Interiors

The sheer elegance of the jali makes it a must-have for pooja units at home. While jali provides aesthetic simplicity, MDF grants durability. The jali design for a mandir is a great fit for the pooja room, enhancing the spirituality of the home.

  1. A Grand Marble Home Temple Design That Is Timeless

Regarding materials for home temples, there is no second thought about choosing marble. It is a material that is both attractive and durable, as well as easy to maintain.marble makes the worshiping space stand out and appear unarguably appealing!

  1. Pooja Room with customized door design

This double glass door pooja room serves as a visual expression of how contemporary and traditional designs can coexist. The classic aura of the pooja room is given a modern twist through the use of transparent glass. The customized motifs on the door further the magnificence of the design.

  1. A wooden Home Temple Design For A Natural Look

Here, wood is used to construct a sanctified piece of furniture to place the idol of the all-mighty. The carved wall pattern in the backdrop evokes an alluring beauty in the temple’s internal setting. Likewise, the small Mor Pankh feathers on the pooja door add a layer of compassion and immortality as one steps into God’s abode.

  1. A Marble Cum Wooden Home Temple Design

Wood is the prime material for preserving the strength and integrity of a classical temple design. While marble is a composite material that works well for its tailored complexity, the use of wooden floors and concentrated lighting here grants the area an ethereal shine, illuminating the idols with a warm glow.

  1. A Tall Home Temple Unit With Glass door & Jaali sides

The mandir design incorporates intricate wooden work in a classic jaali pattern. The focal point for illuminating the entire temple is a wall-mounted shelf that also serves as a surface to suspend the temple bells. The door has a gleaming appearance that gives the pooja room a regal aura.

  1. Temple Design For The Living

The pooja room is elegantly designed, eliciting emotions of warmth and harmony. The centrally inscribed aum serves as the backdrop of the Mandir. Smaller idols are displayed on wall-mounted wooden shelves stacked one on top of the other on either side of the central panel. Other necessary materials for pooja are placed on the bottom shelf in storage cabinets.

  1. A Simple Home Mandir Design For Minimalist Interiors

The pooja room is an energizing, vibrant place to celebrate the spiritual atmosphere of the home, overflowing with exuberance and tranquility. A colossal aum emblem dominates the heart of the room, while the side panels incorporate shelves integrating focus lights to display several holy images adorning the space.

Any Indian home would be incomplete without a pooja room. Having a dedicated pooja room in the home to connect with the almighty and be in harmony cannot be overstated. As a result, the above list of modern mandir ideas for the home will aid in your quest for inspiration in selecting a suitable design style that invokes your personality.