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top 10 interior designers in bangalore

A compilation of Modern Balconies & Terraces

A compilation of Modern Balconies & Terraces

Amidst bustling townships, concrete jungles, and virtual interactions, the tranquil effects of nature & open spaces are often forgotten. Due to the abundant lifestyle changes, stress has become an inevitable part of every person’s life.

Over the years, mankind has seen an exponential decline in its ability to tolerate stress. Nonetheless, even workaholics can only take so much stress before they start craving nature’s soothing touch. The onset of a global pandemic has further worsened the situation & added to our woes immensely. With people locked in their homes, the need for open living spaces takes center stage.

However, in an eclectic and bustling location like India, Interior Designers in Bangalore – the nation’s technological hub, have not forgotten its importance. Also, due to the immense shortage of space which is characteristic of urban infrastructure, terraces & balconies are fast gaining popularity. The terrace is often viewed as a luxury & valuable space in a house because it enables us to have direct contact with the outside allowing us to take a breath of fresh air, as well as helping us to take our minds off things, and the Interior Designers of Bangalore are cognizant of this dearth of space.

Apart from cherishing good weather when favorable, a terrace maximizes the space of a house, if managed well and even helps save energy. It can be used as a space to add a touch of greenery in the household, thus making it an even more sustainable choice. A Good Interior Design Firm in Bangalore will ensure that these spaces are utilized to reach their maximum potential.

top 10 interior designers in bangalore
top 10 interior designers in bangalore

Creativity is the process of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It is determined by the ability & yearning to perceive the world in new ways, which can be achieved by amalgamating aesthetics with functionality. The Top Interior Designers of Bangalore will ensure that the client’s dreams are realized and met, even in such trying times.

Overlooking a beautiful view, the Balcony is a splash of colors & hues. Adept with a perfect mix of traditional & contemporary elements, it is easily the most favorite corner of the house, where one can enjoy with friends over a drink. In this residence, the designer, Abhishek Chadha, one of the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore, decides to spruce up space & adds warmth by creating comfortable corners within the expanse. Decorating them with small knick knacks & greenery, he transforms the space into a rich & elegant space.

The outdoor furniture he has used is made of wicker instilling a fusion of mid-century modern & contemporary styles. Mixing and matching different furniture design styles was a fun and clever way to master a beautifully realized eclectic terrace. Such personal and bespoke touches given to any of their clients’ homes instantly elevates the overall aesthetic of the space, effectively giving them the moniker of one of the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.

Open terrace spaces are a treat for sore eyes and add to the overall appeal of the apartment. People who see a well-organized terrace design are naturally curious as to why an individual has taken so much effort to set up and maintain such a space. Thus, a terrace is an efficient tool for spreading awareness about the benefits of staying connected to nature.

Children who spend adequate time in their childhood in the vicinity of such spaces get both pieces of knowledge about the importance of fresh air, and also the health benefits of staying in open spaces with breathtaking views, and such a liking has to be accommodated by the Interior Designers of Bangalore. Going by the current times, the lockdown has had a cascading effect on the mental health of almost everyone.

It’s up to us to find solace amidst this chaos & it has taken a pandemic to make people realize the importance of open spaces & breathtaking views. For upcoming trends in architecture & design, the inclusion of a terrace with a spectacular view should be on the priority list of designers.