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Modern Bedroom Lighting tips for Luxurious Radiance

Modern Bedroom Lighting tips for Luxurious Radiance

When it comes to choosing the perfect lighting for the bedroom, the options are endless. The way it is designed serves as the perfect reflection of one’s interests, moods, & style preferences. The right lighting is dependent on the functionality of the bedroom. With the modern bedroom, the lighting should be designed according to the practicality and comfort it offers. Explore the area of functionality and alluring lights, other than bedside lamps which can offer a tasteful ambience to the bedroom. Whether one wants to revamp the bedroom or add some spark to it, this guide will help to get one. The KariGhars, the best interior designers of Bangalore offer some tips to get the perfect illumination for a modern day bedroom. 

  1. Chandelier

Chandeliers create a luxurious atmosphere indoors. Bedrooms with higher ceilings allow one to experiment with grand fixtures and tasteful regal aesthetics. While most chandeliers direct the light upwards, it creates a soothing ambience & vivid energy all over. As seen in the bedroom below designed by The KariGhars, the space highlights an elegant lighting scheme and spreads warmth all around.

  1. Scones

Scones are elegant lighting pieces that enhance the beauty of a bedroom, proving to be the perfect solution for adding comfort to the bedside. An absolute definition of modernity, they are wall-mounted fixtures that provide an accent light to the room. Scone lights hold a unique quality of lighting up the space while being functional in their illuminating strategy. Wall scones brighten up the entire space while allowing the room to be set in mood lighting. They also prove to be the best at saving the necessary space of a light stand when a bedroom area seems to be limited. 

  1. Outline Lights

These lights cast a dramatic hue around the bedroom. Using outline lights within the moulding of the ceiling adds a softer touch to the space as they offer a very functional & quirky approach to the atmosphere. There is a single source of lighting, but as seen in the cove lighting done in the bedroom below, the luminescence seems scattered throughout the place. Outline lights gleam an illuminating glow & build an enchanting atmosphere, perfectly inviting for a bedroom. 

  1. Warm Setting

LED lamps set a soothing tone that leaves the room feeling comfortable & calm. The glittering shades thrown by it present a cosy mood for the evening. This is a form of contemporary lighting that deems flawless in fabricating a bright atmosphere. They are typically placed to draw attention and highlight features such as artwork or any showpiece. With their pleasant glow, LED lamp lights can be made a prominent feature in the bedroom’s lighting design scheme. 

  1. Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are the most preferred lights as they come in various styles & finishes.  Their versatility and ability to fit in small spaces make them unique. Flush mounts prove to be great for rooms that cannot accommodate a chandelier or ceiling pendant. Additionally, they come in a variety of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. Presenting a clean minimalistic look, these lights demonstrate to be an absolute fit for the modern bedroom. To make them stand out, ensure that the material, colour, finish, and style of the flush mount should not clash with the rest of the interior decor but instead complement the aesthetics.

Research what types of lighting fixtures would work the best for the functions of the room. For flexibility in the modern bedroom incorporate ambient lighting or dimmer switches that can be adjusted based on one’s mood and activities. The KariGhars, the top interior designer of Bangalore, helps build soft & alluring bedrooms with tasteful lighting and user’s preferences.