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The Use of Modern Allure and Bold Strokes in Interior Design

The Use of Modern Allure and Bold Strokes in Interior Design

The modern interior design movement began to see a shift in design when materials like wood, stone, and brick were replaced with more industrial materials like glass, steel, and concrete. The most well-known and essential design philosophy that emerged from this was centered on aesthetics, where form and function joined forces. Abhishek Chadha, CEO, and Founder of KariGhars reveals the language of interior design, from the austere aesthetic of minimalism, industrialism, and Scandinavian decor to the rich, bolder forms of rustic modernist, maximalism, and luxury.

A legacy of clean lines, efficient forms, accessible spaces, functionality, and storage has helped shape a modern interior design style. Here are a few concepts that differentiate themselves from each other through varied approaches and help you create the look of a modern interior design house.

1. Minimalistic Design Style

Based on the ideals of simplicity, minimalism can easily be generated in design through the elements of the home. Pieces are chosen in a way that they relate to one another in the space they are in, be it in the home’s exterior or interior, to provide the perfect blend of a calming aesthetic. The standout featured design components, like wall art, draperies, and lighting, work in tandem with the furniture to create a cohesive impression that is visually light, modest in structure, and adds warmth to the room with undertones.

2. Modern Glamour

Modern glamour is an expressive interior style characterized by rich gold and vivid accents, plush soft materials, in a free-flowing setting. Grand gestures with slimline furniture, lighting, or artworks, coupled with an elixir of metals in the form of bronze or gold, can aid in determining the space with a narrative immersed in complexion, finesse, comfort, and luxury.

3. Focused on Flexibility

Today’s homes are multifunctional centers of work and play that can adapt to shifting utilitarian needs in addition to being personal areas of solitude. Be it modern interior design living rooms or bedrooms, spaces are now approached with unbounded potential exclusive based on individual usage. While maximizing area and efficiency is important, achieving so does not necessitate added floor space. Instead, every square foot is used to its full advantage with mobile furnishings or diverse operational units to avoid any one utility grabbing limelight. All that this style demands is the purposeful use of the right spot in the room!

When implementing any of the above trends into your home, all that needs to be considered is retaining balance in any living space with an added layer of calmness and tranquility. This is all it takes to make a statement about efficient, high-end, and smart living.