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Practical tips to design a stylish kid’s bedroom that they will love!

When you design your living room, your master bedroom, your kitchen- the brief usually including words like elegant, smart, warm and welcoming. But, when it comes to a kid’s room interior design, the keyword is fun! Well, fun for the kids and functional for you. Here are a few tips to help design undeniably cool spaces that your kids will love to live in.

Safety first

Your child’s safety is the most important consideration while designing a kid’s bedroom. All plug points and switches must be out of reach. Don’t leave any loose wires running across the room. If you’re installing new wiring, make sure it’s well cased and as far as possible, avoid using any extension boards in the room. This holds true not just for infants but also for preteens. If you’re designing the room for a toddler, make sure the cabinets are bolted to the walls. Everything should be fixed in place so there’s no fear of something falling and injuring your baby. Anything with drawers should be kept locked.

Design rooms that grow with your child

When your little girl is going through a phase where she loves unicorns, she’ll want unicorns everywhere – painted on the walls, a unicorn bed, and so on. But, this phase is not going to last very long. Soon, she’s going to change alliances and want a Hello Kittie themed room. The lesson to learn – listen to your child but don’t design the room only to meet their current fancies. Choose neutral paint colours for a stylish kid’s bedroom and furniture that is ergonomic but not theme-specific. Then, use décor and soft furnishings to add personality to the space. Your child likes unicorns- use unicorn printed bed linen, pink and sparkly cushions, a cute unicorn table lamp and decals on the walls. – When it comes to kid’s room interior design in Bangalore, make decals your friends, they’re easy to put on and easy to switch out. You can also use wall art to give the room a theme.

Maximize floor space

Your child doesn’t need a lot of furniture in the room. So stick to the basics and maximize free floor space. This gives your child plenty of place to play and move around. If you’ve got a big enough space, define zones in the room for different uses by playing with the flooring material. For example, carpet the play area and tile the study area. Your child likes books- instead of storage on the floor, mount racks to the wall.

Store behind closed doors

One of the things you should notice when you browse through the best kid’s room interior designs is the way storage is incorporated in the room. From books and toys to clothes, you will need plenty of storage. For clothes, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers is ideal. Under-bed storage is great for extra linen or even for your child’s shoes. Similarly, bins with lids are ideal for toys. This makes it easier to keep the room tidy irrespective of your child’s age.

Screen the windows

Natural light is great for when children are playing or studying. But, children also need to take a nap in the afternoons. Trying to do this in a well-lit room can be difficult. Hence, consider using blackout screens on the windows. You can layer these with sheers or curtains with child-friendly prints. Having double-layered window treatments makes it easy for you to control the amount of sunlight coming into your child’s room.

Light it up

No matter how many windows you have in the room, you can’t rely on natural light alone. As with the rest of your home, incorporate multiple levels of lighting. Wall-mounted lights can provide ambient lighting. Your child’s study table will need a focused desk lamp. You may also want to put a bedside lamp with a low watt bulb. You may even choose to make your child’s bedroom a smart bedroom with sound or motion-activated lights.

What about shared spaces?

Siblings often share a room. In such cases, when you design their room, you need to reflect both their personalities in the space. There are many ways to do this. You could choose to divide the room in two and give them both their own spaces. Each space has a bed, storage and a study table. If your room is not big enough to do this, you could use a bunk bed to save space. The zone approach works quite well in such cases. As for letting their personality show – put up individual mood boards, personalize their wardrobes with their favourite colours, use different colored upholstery for their chairs, use bed linen that matches their current favourite theme and so on.

Let there be magic

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned ‘fun’ as the keyword for every stylish kid’s bedroom. So, bring in some fun! If you’re using bunk beds, how about a slide to come off the top bunk? A swing is a great addition to every kid’s room. Look for carpets with funky prints. Use fairy lights. How about some 90’s glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling? If your child is in the preschool stage, you could consider painting the lower half of the wall with blackboard paint.

When it comes to beautiful children’s rooms, interior design ideas are endless. Ideally, your child’s bedroom should be a place that makes him happy, where he can express himself and it should be functional. Remember that they see the world very differently. So, while the rest of your home may follow a strict colour palette, when you open the door to your child’s room, it should transport you to another world – a world with plenty of colour, optimism and warmth. If you need help, just give us a shout out! We’ve designed a number of exciting children’s rooms and would love to design one for your kid.