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Quick and Easy Guide to Create Luxurious Homes

Quick and Easy Guide to Create Luxurious Homes

Before the times of the pandemic, people loved staying in the lap of luxury when they travelled. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic having taken over the world, people have avoided travel. Due to the subsequent lockdown, the importance of homes and personal spaces has increased dramatically. A lot of folks are gravitating towards a luxurious home, that is modern, contemporary, and automated. We, at The KariGhars, the best interior designers of Bangalore, have specialized in the creation and conception of uber opulent homes that exceed our client’s expectations. So, here are some quick tips and tricks that can elevate the looks of your home in an instant to make them more luxurious. 

Luxurious Kitchens 

Kitchens are a congregational space where children can study and parents cook or a space where friends can bond over baking a cake. The kitchen has replaced the living room in our collective consciousness. However, the most overlooked part of the kitchen has to be the storage room or the pantry. While this space is super functional with simple overhead lighting and multiple outlets for appliances, it lacks that charm that gives this space a welcoming aura. An emerging trend in the decor for the pantry is “organized chaos.” 

Coupled with plenty of storage space to carefully categorize your spices, groceries for the month, and some staples, add a touch of whimsicalness with the help of vintage posters or aluminium storage bins. Paint the pantry a beautiful teal, canary yellow, or baby pink in order to enhance the look of the decor elements. As this area caters to the private family, this decoration is purely for the creation of a personal aesthetic. Such an aesthetic will tie the house together, making for a more cohesive and thereby, luxurious home. 

Embrace Technology and Smart Home Concepts

Technology and luxury might be two concepts that seem poles apart, but if you plan on living in a pre-internet home, then you might not be able to access the zeniths of luxury. Over time, we have hidden plumbing pipes and electrical wires, making for a very seamless look for the house. Things are moving to be more wireless in nature with a focus on making things easy to use and highly utilitarian. With the new Apple wireless charging station and the expansive Bluetooth tech which can connect home devices such as Google Home and Alexa, things have never looked better.

AI is the new apex of luxury where you can control the workings of your house remotely. It has wide-ranging applications. So for instance, it is a particularly hot day, and after coming home from the gym you want a cool room with a warm shower. With the help of AI and home devices, you can lower the temperature of the house with the click of a button and set up the shower temperature to your liking! The AI used in your house will also be able to adapt and in time, be able to expect your demands. So auto-fulfilling grocery lists and menu plans may be predicted and presented by the AI, ensuring a smooth sailing life.

Go big with Antique 

Aged and retro items bring a certain aura of gravitas into your homes. It is true, that with age comes wisdom and these old furniture pieces will be extremely functional while evolving the feel of your house to be more dignified. The prestige that comes with an old bookcase, an antique side table, or a mysterious trunk can never be matched by modern furniture like a glass dining table or a low-rise bed. 

However, in order for these items to attract attention, the home has to be uncluttered. Everything in your home must serve a purpose, have a proper place for its safekeeping, and spark joy when you look at it. This principle is very similar to minimalism, but it has a more sentimental and modern twist to it. This style can be adapted in any home – vintage furniture is easily accessible through second-hand shops or can be supplied from your parent’s old home. Such items steal the show, and make for some great aesthetics, taking your luxury factor up a notch. 

Luxury is all about adding your touch to it. While there are some common parameters to having a luxurious home, there are some modifications you can make to make your home more personal as well as giving it a more opulent aura.