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Reading Nook Design Ideas For Your Home

Reading Nook Design Ideas for Your Home

In our chaos-filled life, it is a miracle if one can find a couple of minutes of reprieve in our homes. But if there is a special dedication of space meant solely for rest and relaxation, it acts as a great source of motivation for us to slow down a bit. These spaces serve as reminders for us to engage in self-care activities. A reading nook helps reflect your unique personality by the way it is designed. It can be anything your heart desires. But that being said, there should be a starting point from which you can unravel the thread. Here are a few reading nook design ideas provided by The KariGhars, the best interior designers of Bangalore, for your home and hearth to be followed. 

Play of colours

Your reading nook is your happy place. So, it is a smart idea to choose colours that inspire happiness when you look at the space. There is a myriad of ways you can combine your personality with the hues chosen for the nook. For instance, for a modern and eclectic look, you can opt for Pantone’s colours of the year. There are two colours for 2021 – grey and yellow. These two colours go together in harmony to create contemporary spaces that can grow and evolve over time. On the other hand, you can also opt for a more classic and timeless approach through the smart use of neutrals. Neutrals like beiges, cool greys, eggshell whites, and blacks can reflect a space meant for mature individuals. The benefit of using this colour scheme is that it can be decorated in order to emphasize the seasonal cheer, or it can be a comfortable space for a person to read. The use of blush tones also help emphasize the space through the use of a single accent colour. So the upholstery of the chair can be a majestic teal, but the rest of the interiors can be a relaxed pink blush, that just serves to uplift the chair’s colours.

Additional Storage 

Almost every house we have come across has an awkward corner space in the living room or in the bedroom. This corner space can be turned into a reading nook. The working definition of a reading nook is very flexible, so it may or may not include a chair. The corner space can be turned into a raised platform with storage space underneath to keep your books. For extra added comfort, the platform can be made with thick bedding on top, with a lot of pillows & throws to make this place feel warm and inviting. The platform can be made of various materials. For instance, wood works best with interiors that are classically inspired and have a minimalist approach. At the same time, wood can also be cumbersome because it can get rotten easily. The same goes for metals, as they can rust easily. Instead, the platform can be made & designed in such a way that it seems like a natural extension of the wall. Therefore, a similar material used to make the walls can be used to blend in seamlessly in the corner. For additional cosiness, a camp table or a stool can be used as a side table to stack all your current reads.

Aesthetic Placements  

The place you sit in has a lot of influence on how much you can relax. One of the best places for a reading nook is next to the window. You can put down your book in such cases and simply gaze out of the window, letting your mind wander. The benefit of having a window-side reading nook will become more apparent when it rains or when the sun sets, for beautiful visuals that are usually missed out on during the hectic routine of our lives. If a window-side reading nook is not possible, you can also surround yourself with good art. The chair or the corner reading nook can be decorated using plants or art pieces that match your aesthetic. The benefit of having art on the wall is that you can customize it. One can easily rotate between a selection of art pieces, and add new pieces if desired. Other decor options include rustic chalkboards, vintage signs, and old photographs that serve to make you smile. Additional lighting options like a floor lamp are some of the best accessories that can elevate your reading experience.

Though a reader can start reading anywhere, having a cosy space designed mindfully as done by The KariGhars, the top interior designers of Bangalore will simply alleviate the reading experience. These are the spaces that serve to make you feel comfortable and special, so a reading nook in the life of an urban individual is a must.