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Patriotic republic day home decor

Patriotic republic day home decor

As the country celebrates its 72nd Republic Day, people at home can celebrate with their family and friends while watching the parade. Take the opportunity this Republic Day to decorate your home and infuse a sense of patriotism and pride, giving the interiors a tricoloured personality.

The KariGhars, the best home interiors designers in Bangalore, present a few tricks to instantly spruce up the home interiors highlighting the traditional patriotic vibes.

Tricoloured Upholstery

While the use of the tricolour theme is generally avoided throughout the year, love for the national colours; saffron, white and green can immediately add vibrancy to the spirit of one’s patriotism. Changing and doing up the living room upholstery in tricolour shades is an instant way to liven up the room. Incorporation of green plants to go with saffron and white linens further adds to the sustainability indoors. Another option is using saffron and green coloured cushions on a neutral sofa upholstery to promptly aid in the theme. This colour scheme can be continued in other rooms by implementing it on bedcovers, rugs, pillow covers and curtains.

Accessories and Paper Crafts

Engaging the guests in interesting handmade papercraft in a corner station will help make the celebrations interactive for everyone. Crafting a tricolour paper chain and hanging them by the wall make for vibrant wall decor. One can add more zing to the room by putting up a 24 spoke Ashoka Chakra as the thoughtful blue addition to space.

Cut-out floral shapes from coloured sheets will help set a creatively themed template. Posters and banners utilised will instil a sense of honour and nationalist pride to the arrangement.

Traditional Highlights and Designs

Adorning the floors and the entranceway with decorative traditional rangolis offers an alluring vision. They instantly brighten the room with its colour pops and intricate patterns. Incorporating a dash of green by using plants inside will bring in an atmospheric charm. One can go eco friendly by making use of flowers like jasmine, marigold and green leaves to create a floral rangoli design.

A brass uruli in floating tricoloured flowers and scented floating candles would look great as a republic day decor. Apart from paper and flower accessories, one can light up their homes with LED string lights which gives an elegant look to the festive interiors.

Rangoli Decor

Traditional elements like jute furniture can be set up in the balcony or garden. Hoisting a flag on the balcony or door entrance will display one’s high honour for the nation on this occasion. Decorating the balcony with banners along with green planters in tricoloured pots will reflect one’s pride for all the neighbourhood to see. One can make use of white and saffron flower petals along with greens leaves for floor decals along with eco-friendly string lights on balcony railings.

Dining delights

It is possible to get the patriotic spirit in dining room decor as well as in sumptuous food with ease. Incorporating paper flowers and candle holders will aid in supplementing the centrepiece look. Using tri colour runners and table mats along with scattered balloons and paper hangings on the wall will complement the room to the surrounding celebrations. Another notch on the decor can further be added by serving food items like tri-coloured idlis or sandwiches on chic platters and drinks on trendy coasters.

The concept of home decor for this day is making use of the national flag colours and showing our patriotic side. On this occasion,  the top interior designers in Bangalore, The KariGhars, offer great suggestions to flaunt one’s ethnic side of decor along with simple incorporations of paper crafts, lights and balloons. Making use of attractive flower rangolis or designing the flag using coloured flower petals is a creative way of designing the home entrance. There is very little that can go wrong when one makes interesting usage of all the patriotic colours and blends them in home interiors for a festive republic day look.