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Styling a Dining Table To Entertain Your Friends

Styling a dining table to entertain your friends

The dining table of any home brings the whole family together, promoting an engagement in playful & relaxed conversations while enjoying a delicious meal. The dining rooms organically become the place where one can entertain guests over sumptuous food. Not only that, a dining table allows for one with more activities apart from eating, such as a place where kids can do their homework or adults to read their morning newspapers. In order to accommodate the needs of the family while balancing luxe table decors, it is natural to design a clutter-free space. One of the best interior designers from Bangalore, The KariGhars, are here with tried & tested tips to elegantly style the dining table with charming sophistication. 

Glimmering Lights 

Candlesticks are a classic dinner table element. Historically, the humble candle or oil lamp acted as a source of illumination. This was in an era before electricity was commonly available to the general public. In the modern ethos, candlesticks can act as a centerpiece for the dining table. The beauty of using candles is that they can easily fit into any given aesthetic. For a more rustic and initiated vibe, the sleek, long, and simple while candle can be used to add the finishing touch to the dining table. On the other hand, candles can also fit in a maximalist aesthetic. Designer candles in fun and eclectic shapes like a swirl or arches available in a myriad of colours like bright blue, eggplant purple, or sunset oranges can fit perfectly into the dining room without feeling too gaudy. Candles also serve another purpose – they can provide gentle and warm illumination for the dining table. While it is a good idea to combine several sources of lighting, candles (of any shape or form) can add an inviting depth to the kitchen, making for a soft and glowy dinner with your friends. 

Decor Accents

A dining table allows one to give it a personal touch with various distinct styles thereby offering one to experiment with a plethora of layout decor. Built a sleek table decor with the use of delicate crustal pieces or elaborate wine glasses. Metal accents such as hanging chandeliers can be included for a more dynamic look. Trend today is all about bold aesthetics. Thus, mismatched acrylic plates and quirky centerpieces made of resin such as vases are used to accommodate the new maximalist style of design. Building upon the ambience of the dining room, the dining table can be used to enhance and emphasize the various architectural aspects of the room. In order to put the spotlight on the dining room, the table can be simplistic, as seen in the below in a residence designed by The KariGhars, with neutral centerpieces such as a terracotta vase, simple cut white roses, accompanied by solid coloured linens to put the focus on the environment around the dining table.

Customised Table Runners 

Table-runners are a fan favourite at The KariGhars firm. Their beauty lies in the fact that they are customizable to accommodate any design philosophy. These are contemporary decor elements that can instantly bring an antique table right into the 21st century. Thinner and shorter table-runners can be used to hone in on the colour palette of the rest of the house. On the other hand, for a more elegant and timeless look, choose a table runner that is long, and hangs over the table. For a wooden table, table-runners made of solid colours that complement the undertone of the table are a good direction to go. For a glass dining table, metallic table-runners can elevate the look of the table. A common metallic centerpiece such as a candle holder or brass spoon stand can be used with the table-runner. Seasonal fruits can also be used on top of the table-runner to make it seem more rustic and charming in nature. 

By sprucing up the dining table, one can easily transform the humble dining room into a more charming scheme. The KariGhars, the top interior designers of Bangalore aim to bring in an opulence into the space that is most commonly used by all households and redefine the meaning of home dining.