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Summarizing the Prominent Design Trends That Ruled 2022

Summarizing the Prominent Design Trends That Ruled 2022

As the foliage turns brown and the chilled season approach, a majority of us turn inward into our homes, making it an ideal opportunity to evaluate the leading design trends of 2022. In recent years, interior design has shifted from being less about what’s popular and more about personal expression. Rather than specific trends diminishing, the boundaries between varying styles of design have become increasingly integrated.

Certain house design trends from 2020 and 2021, such as biophilic elements, free-flowing forms, and subdued colours, remained relevant in 2022. Given that we’ve all spent the majority of our time indoors in the former year and have come to value emotional, physical, and mental well-being, our habits have influenced how we desire the spaces around us to appear: functional, attractive, peaceful, and playful with a connection to the surroundings. Aashita Chadha, CFO & Co-Founder of The KariGhars, uses this opportunity to review the key interior design trends of 2022 in order to anticipate which trends will dominate the upcoming year.

  1. An Open Kitchen Scheme

An open kitchen forgoes walls and boundaries, creating a space visible to all and offering the perfect platform for expressing creativity and design flair. The design trend performed exceptionally well throughout the year, offering increased opportunities for small-sized homes to feel free-flowing and larger in volume. It proved to be a very relevant design solution for those who reside in tight houses as it broke the constraints of the kitchen being a private domain and instead made it a shared space of the home. The boundless possibilities revealed by this kitchen interior design trend of 2022 are certain to carry forward in new and exciting ways to the subsequent year.

  1. Shades of Serenity

The home decor colour trends of 2022 were influenced by nature, bringing a calm, tranquil, and focused character to the home. With a shift toward prioritizing health and well-being in the home, the tendency is expected to witness fast growth. From dusty blues and gentle greens to solid earth tones, design and home colour trends have brimmed with exuberance and harmony.

  1. Bathrooms Beyond Functionality

The bathroom, originally defined as a chamber for refreshing and cleansing, has evolved to be characterized as a space of personal care. Along with being a setting with minimal visual clutter and convenience of use, these spaces have evolved into settings that promote well-being by incorporating optimum natural light and biophilia. Sensory experiences have also made their way into bathroom designs with the end goal of rejuvenation in mind through smoothing and softening surfaces, lofting, and soft towels, and a pleasant aroma through steam and diffusers, to boost the positive effect on enhancing health.

In conclusion, the styles described above are the must-know interior design trends of 2022 that have reigned this year and will set the tone for the year ahead.