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Summer Home Decor

Summer Home Decor

Summer is the ideal time to give one’s home a refreshing makeover. To make the interior airy and remind one of a calming lake cottage, easy decor updates with colours and prints can be incorporated into one’s homes. Summer activities take one outside the house, thus giving plenty of spaces to decorate and revamp. Bright colours, light fabrics and nature-inspired decor are key to the summer makeovers as suggested by the Best Interior Designers of Bangalore, The KariGhars. 

Freshen up the home with greenery

Summertime is defined by natural greenery. The colour evokes freshness and bloom around the room.  One wall can be used as an element to grow a vine as a wall sculpture indoors as seen in this residence designed by the KariGhars. Cascading plants in the interiors of the home also add to the visual vibrancy. Summer is a time when one looks to be indoors to stay cool and away from the sun. Including greenery inside makes the home cooler and provides clean air to breathe. In the room seen above, for instance, the green wall gives a break in the interiors from the contemporary decor style and the monochromatic colour scheme. 

Classic colours

Blending colours and prints is the easiest way to include light and breezy interiors in any room. The striking pop of pastels, such as in the room above, can lift the space up. Neutral walls and floors coupled with similar schemed upholstery present an ideal canvas to add colour. Mixing natural colours and handicrafts with contemporary furnishings fabricate a relaxed summer style. Soft fabrics such as cotton or linen in bright shades are the perfect accessories this season to add to any room. Linen and cotton bedding choice in muted pastels add softness to the room and makes the designed space feel airy and cool.

Lively lighting

A string of sparkling white lights indoors brings in summery vibes to the home. Such soft lighting marks the beginning of snug summer gatherings. Lighting in the form of globe lights, cove lighting or radiant chandeliers can be used indoors as seen in the pictures above of the home designed by The KariGhars. Stylised lighting adds panache and luxury to the rooms and defines spaces with functionality. A room in the summers should allow in as much natural light and ventilation as possible which can be paired with muted artificial lighting. An airy open indoor space is an epitome for summer decor as it allows natural light to shine through and disperses artificial light evenly all around.

Casual seatings

Summer home interiors are more than just creating visual charm. Tropical and citrus scents set the mood for summer in a home. Introduce candle holder and scented diffusers for a customised look in home interiors. Floor cushions, swings and comfortable seating introduced in homes act as an essential part of casual summer allure. Colourful pillows and large couch style cushions invite for lounge seating and allow relaxed entertainment. Seating in the balcony of the home above designed by The KariGhars, for instance, allows for easy flow of movement and the greenery employed on the wall and in planters blends well with wooden flooring and the exposed concrete, offering varied textured visuals.

Introduce copper tones

Metal finishes have the capability to add a touch of glamour to any room. The rooms seen above designed by The KariGhars incorporate copper metallics in the form of a table back stand, plant pot, and other decor pieces that create a statement effect. This gives the room a certain effortless elegance that shines through. Coffee tables, candle holders, and kitchen accessories are some easy ways to include metallic touches and keep the decor look light for summer. 

Including an earthy colour scheme in the kitchen evokes images of summer spots related to natural earth and maintains the illusion of the room being airy. In the kitchen seen above, for instance, the marble countertop coupled with the neutral finishes to the cabinets and potted planters offers a breezy environment to be in.

Airy outdoors

Comfortable outdoor seating encourages conversation and lingering among the people. Bright upholstery and lounge pillows are a must for outdoor summer nights. An outdoor space that involves the use of similar accessories and colour palette as the indoors, ties itself up with the interior decor. A coffee table and a furniture accessorization can be the go-to spot for relaxing and entertainment for the early summer mornings and late nights. Introducing a focal point and a colour pop adds to the aesthetics of the natural greenery for summer decor. 

During the summer, sleek lines and clutter-free rooms are the ideal choices for home interiors. Rooms become fresh and airy when it is delicately combined with dainty details of peach, white and aqua along with complementing shades. The KariGhars, The top interior designers of Bangalore offer tips where relaxed furniture, light colour themes, and beachy patterns are some elements used by designers to plan an inviting summer home. This season is a suitable time to include and experiment with laid-back designs and antique furniture to introduce a modern look to the formal decor.