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The future of smart homes in the 21st century

The future of smart homes in the 21st century

Technology and human development go hand in hand. As technology evolves and becomes more complex, the lives of the human become easier. The Internet of Things (IoT) has a lot of difficult jargon associated with it, but the bottom line is that it helps humans live a more comfortable life. Through the connection of all internet or Bluetooth-operated devices through the IoT, everything becomes interconnected and interdependent in nature. So, a simple trill of the alarm clock will trigger a series of events that can be customized in any way the user wants. For example, the drapes can open, the coffee pot can start brewing a fresh mug of coffee, the heater turns on so that you can directly step into the spray of steaming hot water. The ultimate goal of home automation is to make things more accessible for the common user and stop wasting time on things that machines can do. With the advent of home automation, the possibilities for customization become endless as well. 

Home automation is a fancy word for the connection of devices through the IoT. Other than making lives easier, it also helps in long-term sustainability. Electricity costs will be cut down drastically, and water usage will be smart. Things like this are possible if technology is employed in a smart way. Through motion-detecting lights and central AC, whenever the room is unoccupied for a longer period of time, it switches off automatically. Lights can switch off automatically when you go to bed, and TVs can stop idling if no activity is detected. If you are living with the elderly or with toddlers, monitoring their activities has never been easier. Again, smart motion sensors can detect any activity that is happening in the house, and alert you even if you are still in an office miles away. Through a flick of a switch, you can keep an eye on your kids or pets, and if there is any maintenance work needed, everything can be halted seamlessly w without affecting the quality of your life. 

Internet-operated devices have a looming threat of being hacked. So, while smart homes are convenient they also add another layer of security for your devices. It can get tedious after a while to keep on updating passwords and remembering them for different devices. Software updates can also make things difficult if your home devices are not connected with the help of a comprehensive IoT. Having proper syncing between your devices ensures that they keep on upgrading and changing passwords automatically after a certain period of time has passed. Leading brand manufacturers are giving customers an option to go wire-free at minimum cost. Some wireless interfaces are also enabling interfacing where new and old devices can be on the same automatic platform without spending a pretty penny. 

Everything about automation indicates a better and more secure future for the residents. As you go along using the AI, it adapts to suit your needs, making it predictive as well. We predict that by 2030, a major chunk of homes will have adopted automation in some way or another, as this is the way of the future.