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The Ongoing Trends in Furniture Design

The Ongoing Trends in Furniture Design

Furniture has undergone consistent design and manufacturing modification over the years. However, owing to the pandemic the work-life balance has evolved monumentally in the last year, though, where sweatpants are now the preferred option for work attire. The more we’ve stayed at home, the more we’ve attempted to make our home more livable, unique, and comfortable.  The pandemic and its ever-changing environment have influenced this year’s forthcoming furniture design trends.

The KariGhars, leading Interior Design Firm of Bangalore, takes you through the most recent furniture design innovations below to assist you in making the best selections and redesigning a unique décor for your home.

The Ideal Home Office

From the beginning of 2020 until now, home offices have been the talk of the town, with most companies allowing their staff to work remotely. As a result, creating a distinct workplace at home has become necessary. The home office furniture includes more than just a table and a chair; it also involves a storage space, a comfortable chair to sit on for the whole day, a desk, and most significantly, a place to keep your plants. The factor of comfort within a workplace is the most important in this environment, so keep this component at the top of your list if you are designing a home office.

Green Spaces along Furniture

More and more people are seeking to incorporate elements of the outdoors into their interior designs to make up for the lack of time spent outside, appreciating and enjoying nature’s beauty. Potted plants or miniature landscapes are increasingly being included in furniture designs to elevate the dynamics of indoor spaces. Isn’t it now easier to feel connected to nature?

Minimalism Prevails

The idea of a contemporary and trendy home is to be as simple as possible. To make any area visually appealing and comfortable, you never need too many design components. Start by getting rid of unnecessary pieces to achieve a minimalist look. To add a sense of calmness and serenity to your surroundings, people have been choosing functional over visual furniture. Finally, a minimalist design looks luxurious also since quality in simplification, rather than quantity, is what defines this style. Millennials enjoy living a minimalist lifestyle, encouraging more people to decorate their homes in this manner. The goal is to preserve the opulent, refined aesthetic while keeping the interior design to a bare minimum.

Modular Structures

With modular furniture, you can integrate multiple styles to create a more diverse mix than you can with fitted furniture. Additionally, it can add a sense of openness, flexibility, and visual thrill to the area. The unfitted or modular look can be adapted in a small area with properly chosen components, but also works well in a large room when there is no possibility of it becoming crowded.

The Return of The Vintage

People will continue to use retro styles for their interior decors as retro-style furniture, antique cabinets, and auction materials are the definite characteristics of vintage decor styles. People may be wanting to recreate the relaxed, comfortable, and upbeat atmosphere of the 70s in their own homes, especially in light of the pandemic’s radical transformation of how we live today.

Curved Furniture

With the emphasis, today on the house as a sociable and relaxing environment as well as a place to prepare food, structured rows of units and clinical layout can seem a little unpleasant. Curves, either alluring or gently rounded, will uplift the layout and soften the overall appearance of your area, offering a powerful and effective focal point and a delicate touch of shape to your décor. Curves add a personal touch to the design by softening the lines and making the space feel more welcoming.

The most crucial step while selecting furniture for your space is that it is comfortable and an extension of your likes and dislikes. Your interiors are meant to please you, first and foremost. So experiment and don’t compromise on what you want. Leave the rest to one of the best Interior Designers, The KariGhars!