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Themes and ideas for adorning your home this Navratri

Themes and ideas for adorning your home this Navratri

Navratri, also known as Sharad Navratri, marks the end of the monsoon. During these nine festive days, we welcome positive energies into our homes and our lifestyle while embracing the festivities with pomp and show. In addition to rituals, prayers, and dancing, redecorating homes is also a prevalent part of the traditions people follow on these nine days. From beautiful flowers with rangolis and fairy lights to setups like the golu decoration, homes are adorned with colourful ideas and themes. In this article, Aashita Chadha, Co- fonder  of The Karighars, the best interior design firms in Bangalore, brings you some stunning Navaratri home décor ideas to feel inspired.
A Simple makeover with decors
The living room can be furnished with rich curtains in a traditional print that look elegant and add a pop of colour. Decorate with diyas across the coffee table to bring light into the hallway. Toran or crochet wall hangings are excellent to hang on neutral accent walls as they make the wall pop out and add an ingenious touch. Torans effectively replace colourful paintings or other decorations and keeps the interior decor for Navratri simple yet stunning.

A Dash Of Rich Colours
For a colourful Navratri decoration at home, choose rich cushions covered in silk cases in dashing colours of blue, red, green, orange, or yellow. It is time to dress up those boring walls with intricate mythological paintings that often depict a story. You can put pictures on the walls and arrange them to appeal an elegant aesthetics. If your floor looks dull, deck it up with a traditional carpet that will instantly transform your living room. Colorful furniture creates a vibrant and bold interior design look, especially in the living room, and is ideal for the festive season.

Magnificent Mandap Decorations
Mandap decoration for Navratri at home is a mandatory affair. The mandap can be beautifully decorated with floral garlands in the vibrant colours of yellow, pink and orange. A traditional and mindful practice during Navratri festivities is the decoration of the pooja room. A classical rug or a floral rangoli can be used. There is a tradition of placing a metal bowl or earthenware filled with water and different flowers inside the pooja room during Navratri. The floral aroma intensifies the look and feel of the space and gives a pious vibe to the pooja room.

A Grand Entrance For This Navratri
A grand entrance decor is imperative for any festival. The entrance can be adorned with gorgeous hand-painted bells made of clay. You can hang bells of different sizes, paint them with varied coloured paint, and have them dangling at the entrance. Light up your foyer and living room with fairy lights and place small diyas across the sides of the staircase.

Eco-friendly decor scheme
Make the interior design of the home go the eco-friendly and ethnic way by using unique decor pieces. Eco-friendly themes are being adopted for every festival these days. Get colourful paper and let your creative juices flow. You can create garlands and lanterns with these colourful papers and even use glitter paper to make it look more festive frenzy. We can carve out Diya shapes from fruits, which can work as an excellent diya replacement for those looking for some unique Navratri decor ideas. The orange diya for Navratri decoration can add a sense of quirk to the otherwise subtle scheme. You can also plan a full fruit theme decor for Navratri and embrace an eco-friendly theme in your home.

There is no dearth of themes or ideas when it comes to Navratri decoration at home. You can pick many decorative pieces to embellish your home during the festival. Colourful bells, wall hangings, fresh flowers, beautiful rangoli, and fairy lights perfectly endorse Navratri’s vibe. Get inspired by these ideas, and make vibrant and innovative decorations this Navratri to add to the festival’s flavour in homes.