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This Diwali, bring home a feel of luxury and contemporary design

This Diwali, bring home a feel of luxury and contemporary design

The season of rejoicing good luck, tranquility, happiness, and harmony is here! It is the ideal time to redecorate the house with a festive flair and a touch of splendour & elegance, with Diwali just being around the horizon. We, at The KariGhars, bring to you fresh Diwali decor ideas to brighten your home, adding joy, optimism, and zeal to the interior design.

Add an Ethnic Touch To The Diwali Home Decoration

The ethnic style of interior décor is intriguing and diverse due to the diverse culture, traditions, and history we’re surrounded with. When remodeling the house this year, incorporating some authentic or traditional aspects would be a great way to spark the festive look. Using wooden craft items, metallic and brass accessories, ethnic fabrics, incorporating traditional symbol elements as a painting, or using a popular Indian woven carpet design are just a few ways to instill indigenousness and authenticate Indianness in decor. The base setting up of the home can be a balanced mix of glitter, colour, needlework, and light.

Redesign the dining space or get new dinnerware

Greeting guests and extending hospitality are crucial components of the festive season. Adding a new look to the dining area through a series of lights and crockery, table runner, or simply changing the placemats of the furniture piece to match the festive vibe can complete the look.

Enhance the balcony or add new planting

Try out a Diwali home decor upgrading the green spaces of the home. On the balcony, rearranging the plants, adding new ones, and putting them in colourful ornamental pots would be an effective way to magnify the festive ambiance. Not only this, transforming the theme of the entire balcony setup by introducing new patio furniture, throwing some colorful floor cushions, and adding lanterns can add an entirety to the look. The new balcony would make a perfect setting to witness and hang out during the festivities. Decorating potted plants along the balcony area with serial lights this Diwali is sure to provide a shine to an otherwise drab area.

Experiment with Lighting

During Diwali, home décor is unavoidably explored in the most evident way possible—through illumination. Instead of replacing outdated fixtures, new recessed or strip lighting can be added to the décor, creating year-round appeal. Lighting creates a wide range of possibilities for gracing variously sized areas and discovering their new potential, thus making the occasion of Diwali an unforgettable bright, and colourful event.

Glam up your Space

Without an eye-catching appeal, luxury is insufficient! A few classic retro antiques can undoubtedly give the contemporary home design a touch of glimmer. Be it the individual rooms or a particular corner, use some vintage frames and wall décor to define a space in the house and make it appear simple yet luxurious and glamorous.

Royalize The Bedding

Every nook and cranny in the bedroom defines the little world for each individual, making it a peaceful haven in the house. Giving the bedroom a regal feel can make the space appear more opulent. Focusing on the interiors, especially emphasizing the bed’s appearance, is crucial to establishing this. Add some exquisite sheets that feel wonderful on the skin and are pleasing to the eye. Make sure to pick the softest material, the ideal designs, and a cheerful colour! Add a blanket, throw pillows, a table lamp, and comfortable lighting to the space!

Hope these tips help you adorn your home, redefining it as a space of dazzling grace that complements both a modern and a contemporary home design setup.