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Tips On Diwali Festive Decor For Your Home Interiors

Tips On Diwali Festive Decor For Your Home Interiors

Now that Diwali preparations are in full swing, it is essential that the home looks as beautiful as ever. Diwali is a festival of joy, cheer, and celebrations with your loved ones, and so, it is  imperative that your decor reflects the same values. As we know it, Diwali is the festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and for such a holy occasion, cleanliness and good decoration go hand in hand. By spreading positive vibes, one’s Diwali can truly be considered to be successful. We, at The KariGhars, the best interior designers at Bangalore, are here to depart with some tips and tricks to ensure your home is beautiful this festive season. 

The pious Pooja room Decor 

Start with the pooja room. This is the space that is at the heart of the Diwali season, so it is crucial that it is clean, gorgeous, and practical. Don’t hold back when decorating the pooja room. Start with cleaning all the brass or copper idols, their base, and the floor. Cobwebs from the corners and old flowers need to be discarded. A day or two before Diwali, one can place marigold garlands around the pooja room. Roses and geraniums can be used to make a sweetly scented flower float. Brush off those antique brass candle holders & lamps and place them around the idols. Hanging lights, diyas, and other fairy lights can also be used to deck up the space. 

Lighting up Corners

Diyas are practically synonymous with Diwali. Since Diwali is the festival of lights, it is crucial that the outside of the house reflects the interiors of the house as well. Even if you live in an apartment, you can decorate your balcony with flashy fairy lights that come in a myriad of colours. The outside of the house can be decorated using colourful lights to match the hearty festive spirit. While detangling these lights can be nothing short of a chore, it can make for some great family bonding time. This activity where you decorate the outside of your home with these twinkling lights can quickly be converted into a fun DIY family activity that makes for fun times! Coupled with a few strategically placed diyas at the thresholds of the house makes for an auspicious marker of Diwali.  

Fill up with Coloured Vibrancy 

We still follow the age-old tradition of making elaborate rangolis in our verandahs or at the threshold. This is a fun-filled activity that anyone can do – children can assist you in making these rangolis or they can make their own designs. By making these rangolis it welcomes Goddess Laxmi & Lord Ganesha, ensuring that your home will be blessed with prosperity this coming year. Drawing small footprints made of vermillion and rice flour leading up to your house signifies the entrance of Goddesses into your home. This is still considered a very important practice that many homes and clans still follow. 

The aim of Diwali is to ensure an auspicious year and future while celebrating these festivities with your loved ones. After the tumult 2020 has been, let us welcome a happier and more pious year with this year’s Diwali!