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Tips to remodel interiors for a convenient lifestyle for working mothers as a Mother’s Day gift to your moms

Tips to remodel interiors for a convenient lifestyle for working mothers as a Mother’s Day gift to your moms

In honor of mother’s day, we recall the great sacrifices mothers endure in order to provide the lives that we have. Even a working mother will always find ways to care for the family each day, but finding the perfect balance for self-care is often forgotten. This mother’s day one can skip the ‘thank you’ flowers, instead, work towards a gift which she’ll enjoy for years to come. Take up a hands-on project that directly improves your mom’s “home health”. Here are some great tips provided by The KariGhars, one of the renowned interior design firms of Bangalore, to help achieve the remodeling, best suited to your style and comfort.

Stunning kitchen makeovers

Plan a space that is a reflection of her personality and how she can use it. There are many options to update depending on the user functionality, be it speciality cooking or entertaining. An organized kitchen is extremely important for efficient cooking and stress-free cleaning. With modular kitchens, there is a place for every element to be kept in place. If a dining table is less frequently used in the house, one can add a sleek island counter cum foldable table which is handy for simultaneous cooking, serving, & eating. The foldable table is convenient as one can always remove it when not in use and assemble it again with quirky bar stools, adding sufficient effortless glam to the kitchen.

To add a bit of vibrancy in the kitchen, one can also play with reflective glass in varied shades, either on doors or cabinets, which offers a characteristic feature to the kitchen while making it visually spacious. To bring in a breezy vibe, one can also include small succulents at the window to bring in natural freshness. In terms of decor accessories, ambient lighting can be incorporated and the walls can be adorned with charming abstract artwork.

In order to have the kitchen hassle-free & clutter-free, one can also include a built-in full height cabinet for appliances for everyday use. This not only saves the extra space by stacking the appliances but also gives a sophisticated & civilized touch to the kitchen, rendering ample time to working moms in terms of organization.

Vibrant outdoors for tranquility

Don’t let the indoors get all the attention. Fresh air and sunshine are great stress busters, wherein nature can uplift a working mother’s spirit. Gifting one’s mother a lush green outdoor pergola will keep her relaxed and calm. Integration of softscapes and hardscapes along with stylish patio furniture adds to the serenity. A dedicated wooden deck area with stand-alone elements like a pergola controls the amount of sunlight while offering an aesthetic appeal to the stunning vistas around, with their play of shadows. 

One can make use of a built-in bench made of concrete or wood while including hanging creepers or planters behind it for the greens. Combining the bench with a table creates a perfect spot for dining or for informal gathering space for friends & family. With a bit of skillful scheming, one can create a spectacular outdoor oasis no matter how small space is, making it memorable for the mothers out there.

Elegant makeshift home offices

For working mothers, the most essential gift that can be given is a productive workspace at home. It can either be accommodated in the corner of a small bedroom or a dedicated space of a multifunctional room. To get work done efficiently, it is important that the home office be comfortable and inviting. It is the perfect abode for mompreneurs, who like to be their own bosses while juggling home responsibilities and raising kids. 

The primary factor to be considered here is proper lighting with ample natural light and ventilation. The next formula is to have sufficient shelves for storage needs, to avoid clutter & chaos. Customizing a desk is critical, as it should be wide enough for a computer/laptop and additional leverage around for printers, desk organizers, lamps, & stationery. 

Do not underestimate the space needed in the front or around the desk for a comfortable chair to be accommodated. If the working mothers have clients or team members visiting during the day, then space for a small meeting area within the same room needs to be considered. This can be done with the help of additional seating in the home office which allows for sit-down meetings. The most convenient would be a sofa cum bed which acts as a sofa during meeting sessions.  This can also be converted into a bed for the mothers who desperately need power naps in between, while also being our heroes for the day.

Formulating a floor plan is an excellent tool to arrange one’s thoughts and make sure you’ve covered all bases. The purpose of carving out a woman cave in the house is to give one’s mother a space where she can work, relax, pursue hobbies, and enjoy ‘me time, to rejuvenate. So kick off the commitment to changing your home narrative with the help of The Karighars, the top interior design firm of Bangalore, and give your working mothers the best mother’s day surprise.