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Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Valentine’s Day Home Decor

The month of February is all about showing one’s undying love for their closed ones. While flamboyant gestures of fancy dinners at hotels are considered to be top-notch, one can also invite cupid into their homes. Add a touch of romance by gathering floral pieces for an on-theme decor to celebrate indoors. ‘Staying in’ this Valentine’s Day can be just as dreamy and romantic by using home decor ideas by the best interior design firm in Bangalore, The KariGhars.

Dash of red

Valentine’s Day can be highlighted by coupling up a white backdrop with some pretty pops of red. Cosy furnishings and white throw pillows give the living room a perfectly wrapped up vibe to snuggle up in. Hang streamers and scatter balloons all around to amp up the decor of the room. Customising paper art or origami in red and laying it on a side table or centre table can be used as an interactive activity. Incorporating seasonal chocolates is yet another way to add an X-factor to the decor.

Subtlety of Pastels

Introduce pastel shades of pink as another noteworthy element to the decor. Surrounding the room in green plants further increases the colour vibrancy. Rustic wooden furniture with the above mentioned contrasting colours can look extraordinarily romantic. A soft pastel colour palette offers a more intimate setting. Embrace the room in baby pink cushions, gold embossed candle holders or red roses in a vase.

Valentine’s accents

Bring in dramatic elements with cherry blossoms, lavender or cotton stem branches to spread them around the room. Scattered petals on tables and floor can add to the elegant romance in the given space. Using the petals and flower stems as a wall backdrop behaves as an accent wall highlighting the theme of the room. Incorporating red or pink accent walls during this day of the year furthers adds to the celebrations.

Fancy dining table

One can set up a sensual dining table with a mix of exotic flowers and foliage. The dining table portrays a fine setting by incorporating copper lights with blossoms around. A centrepiece on the table consisting of a flower vase with scented candles along with bright runners with fresh green branches is all one needs for a romantic evening. Blank cards with florals and matching linens increase the passionate affair arranged for the evening. Dining chairs can be made chic by including flower wing-backs taking the ambience to a whole new level.

Canopy bed and smooth fabrics

A canopy bed adorned with delicate fabric showcases long flowing layers. A feeling of floating clouds can be exuded by using soft gauzy linens. This offers a dreamy atmosphere enveloped in colourful and feathery drapes.  Red roses and petals cascading down from the four posters escalates the intimacy in the room. Decorating the room in classic valentine’s colours of red, white and pink will make the bedroom dribble with romance and class.

Flowers, lights everywhere

Dimming the lights in the decorated rooms brings about the sweet elegance of romance. Pleasant, idyllic details of scented candles and pink & rose coloured flower decor makes a simple room exude grace. Interchanging regular light bulbs with red, purple or pink light bulbs sets a warm glow to the room. This comes in line with the theme of valentines and fills one’s home in glitters and hearts.

Using some of these premier valentine’s day decor ideas by the top interior designers of Bangalore, one can make this day even more memorable.  Spread valentine love with wall art sending the right message or with a neon pink sign lighting up the room corner. Bringing in some plants also adds in a different pop of colour other than red.  Creating Valentine’s day gallery walls will showcase the corner and add to the spirit of the season.