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Scoop from Van der Straeten Atelier

A man of versatile talents, Hervé Van der Straeten is an iconic designer who holds account of opulent creations that hold monumental value. His designs over the years have inspired several people to build interiors that closely resemble his artwork.

Let’s take a quick insight to Van der Straeten’s style guide that can bring a contemporary essence to your home interiors: Straeten explains his stance on the customary building of furniture. A quality built is always harbored on traditions.

For essaying the best intricate pieces in your home, look forward to a modern approach as you opt-in for custom ingredients for an everlasting touch of distinctness and art. Your living space is like a canvas where you can play and experiment around with many shades, colors, patterns, strokes and entities unknown to a defined name but pleasing to your mind and creativity.

One of the most incredible parts of Straeten’s way of styling objects is his scrupulous and voluminous touch. The jiggly-geometrical shapes can add playfulness to the furniture in living rooms and can bring life to the area. For an artistic touch, incorporating lattices like constructions and bold lines can score you brownie points! Credenzas or a side table and cosmo tables make a great way of adding an aesthetic value not only to your home but to your workspace as well.

His luxurious collection includes such elegant table tops with a practical utility. Credenzas and cosmo tables can create a valued impact in your home interiors. Besides offering several features, it builds a space for its self.

Its functionality is just not constricted to serve as a storage cupboard or a tabletop respectively but also a piece of object to beautify your living space. Integrating Straeten’s style with a personal touch can fabricate designs of an enormous craft value and everyday utility needs. Imagine a house that entails art, intricacy and innumerable conversations over it.

The contrast is an imperative aspect that can portray a classy-chic look to your home décor. Selecting well-crafted furniture for your room doesn’t end your job. Few pointers like how well it goes with the walls or the other objects present in the room can enhance the overall design. For instance, Straeten designed a cosmo that has red in contrast with burgundy that gels up well with minimalist plain white walls.

The most interesting part of taking inspiration from Straeten’s design style is that it lets you create a bold statement and edgy décor that comes across as a story of its own whilst brings peace and comfort to your area. Hire a designer who neither compromises on your aesthetic needs nor the quality of your interiors!


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