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Wall Sconce Lighting Ideas To Give Your Home A Warm Ambience

Wall Sconce Lighting Ideas To Give Your Home A Warm Ambience

The meaning of a “home” has been redefined since the pandemic. More than a space to live, the home is a safe haven that one comes back to, surrounded by familial nostalgia and comfort. The functions of the house have also been redefined since the lockdown, offering one multifunctional prospect, from rejuvenating & relaxing to supporting home offices and study for meetings and schooling schedules. It is the play of interior design, majorly the lighting & color scheme, that ultimately provides one with varied functioning facets within a home. Well lit interiors lead to feasible interior operations, making it possible for the residents to practise different tasks & activities indoors comfortably. There are various types of lighting forms that a homeowner can choose from, in order to make their living spaces more inviting and warm. The KariGhars, one of the top Interior Designers of Bangalore, state one such smart use of wall sconces lighting tips for well-functioning home interiors.  

Using wall sconces in Living Rooms 

One of the most common forms of light is the wall light sconce. People often dismiss the importance of a simple wall light. While it does not have a specific function as a target light, it tastefully illuminates the space without being overwhelming in nature. It makes a home feel cozier and comfortable, without obstructing one’s line of sight. The wall light works best in homes with high ceilings. Wall sconces are best suitable for seating areas, as it can work as a reading light or provide a soft gleam to the room. Most importantly, unlike floor lamps, it does not clutter the space, making it easier to clean and maintain. 

Accent wall lights

Taking it a step further, wall sconces are a type of wall lighting that is loved by many interior designers. They add the perfect touch of the mid-century modern aesthetic to a given space, making the interiors open and approachable. Unlike the industrial or minimalist decor style, mid-century modern decor is something that can easily be incorporated into any style without being profuse. Wall sconces are a recommended go-to lighting scheme due to its versatility and the ability it has to create a dramatic effect with the interplay of light and shadow. They create an exquisitely intimate environment, perfectly suitable for home interiors. Expanding their role as lighting elements, they are also multifunctional in nature as they can be used as an accent light to illuminate art pieces, for a vintage Spanish villa vibe. 

Longarm Sconces 

Longarm sconces offer a more practical purpose as it is best suited for home offices or as a bedside lamp. While these are space-saving, they also allow for greater control to illuminate a specific area due to the longer reach of the scone design. For instance, in the bedroom, the long-armed sconce can be directed towards one side of the bed, so that they can read or continue working, without disturbing their bedmate. Longarm sconces are also best suitable in bathrooms as the exposed wires of a lamp can sometimes prove to be a safety hazard.

Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to interior design. A good lighting scheme not only aims to improve the aesthetics of a designed space, but also makes the room more inviting. The KariGhars, the best interior designers of Bangalore always look to go above and beyond in regards to offering their clients the best & luxurious home interiors.