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Home Office Design Tips for Women This Women’s Day

Home Office Design Tips for Women This Women’s Day

Wishing our women readers a stunning Women’s Day! We believe that all women are designers in every home and also in every life stage they step into. They help inspire home interiors that are elegant and exude a refined touch. The importance of a well-designed home-office encourages creativity and also aids productivity since working from home has now become the norm. The KariGhars, the best interior designers of Bangalore have some great tips to achieve a sophisticated home office for beautiful homes.

Bright colours and quirky designs

A home office should reflect the user’s sense of aesthetic and personality. Bright colours display graceful home office decor.  The workstation can be done up in a shade that reflects happiness when one sits to work. Overhead shelves in the same colour tone help provide not only the required storage but also a sense of symmetry. An accent colour offers vibrancy to the workspace. One can also include a desk lamp or a quirky pen stand that ensures functionality along with a zesty touch. In the image of the room designed by The KariGhars, the luxury interior designers of Bangalore, the use of yellow on the table when combined with white background, offers a serene setting to work in. 

Home offices with scenic views

A window offering natural light and ventilation has proven to be beneficial for health and overall productivity. The workstation should be smartly placed, as seen, in a way that presents a view of the outdoors and minimal blinds or curtains to make the most of natural daylight. A cheerful colour scheme and soft rugs can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the indoor home office while working. Integration of large windows goes a long way into improving mental well being when one is working from the indoors. 

Distinctive seating 

An office space should be one’s private area where all the distractions can be shut out. A welcoming sofa and a coffee table are perfect for such occasions. Such settings can also be used for a change of scene while battling a difficult problem at work. Including various types of seatings and side-tables offer the room designated areas for work and leisure. Such furniture placement is especially useful for working mothers with small kids to nap or indulge in play areas where the kids remain occupied and mothers can work without disturbance. As seen in the image, seating offered by the window creates a personal nook for the user. This also helps in separating the workstation from the seat.

Hints of gold and indoor planters

Bring in luxury to the office interiors by adding gold accents in the form of wall hangings and mirrors but keep it to the minimum for blended aesthetics. The addition of greenery adds to the lovely charm resulting in a calm office space. Any room can be upcycled into a distinguished home office with the inclusion of indoor green planters. Office spaces can be brought to life by the simple inclusion of masses of greenery in the form of hanging pots and succulent planters in metal pails.

Corner Offices

If another separate room cannot be spared, look for utilising room corners efficiently. A floating desk can be attached to the wall with a built-in entertainment unit as seen in the image above, so when family or kids are around, the desk can act two-way and keep the members occupied. Storage flushed into the wall or overhead shelves to be made for practical office storage for documents that have to be kept away from the hands of naughty kids or pets. Keep handy notes and paperweight around on the desk for practical ease to work with. Such small editions to the room bring in delight to work at and also keeps the designated spaces clutter-free. The office seen above designed by the top interior designers of Bangalore, The KariGhars, has been seamlessly blended in the office work desk in the bedroom by the window. Thus helping in offering a pleasant view while working and also creating a familiar space for a family to feel comfortable in today’s work from home days. 


Home offices often don’t require a dedicated room or ample storage in most cases. Creative layout ideas of an unused closet area or a bedroom corner can easily be converted to work desks. Home offices can also include longer tables or other corners as designated school workspaces so kids can be monitored easily during working hours. Whether one wants a contemporary and sleek or chic and snug office, these are some brilliant home office ideas provided by the top interior design firms in Bangalore, The KariGhars that can help convert even the smallest spaces into productive home offices.